Who Says Toddler and Veggies Do Not Mix?

…well then, I’ll ask my son, Cyler to teach them how to eat.. Broccoli! 🙂

Toddlers and vegetables aren’t always best buds, especially when you have a fussy eater tot. But I’m still lucky because my son eats veggies though he is a terrible fussy eater. He loves eating broccoli especially when he’s on the mood to eat. But I must admit that I am now in the throes of working through the challenges of feeding my toddler (and my non-veggie eater hubby). Broccoli is an  excellent choice and a pefect snack for toddlers. Broccoli is a member of the cabbage family and is extremely nutrient dense.

Discover the healthy goodness of Mr.Broccoli:

Photo taken from Live Love Fruit

Studies have shown that eating broccoli can help prevent cancer and heart disease. These benefits are great for mom and dad(did you read this Hon?!) and will help to create a family with healthy eating habits. Continue reading


Healthy Snacks for Toddlers

When Cyler was still a little baby he tends to eat fruits and veggies but when he entered the toddler stage he started to become more picky on what he eats. Our pedia, Dra.Vienne Saulog says that food fads and fussy eater behaviors are common in young children, particularly to toddlers.Toddlers often develop more finicky, or discriminating, tastes as they grow up because this is their way of expressing independence. She says that it’s normal to most toddlers, but really frustrating for many parents. So, finding ways to “healthify” his favorite cookies/snacks is one of my biggest challenge as a parent. I want to ensure that he get the fruits and vegetables he need.

Of course my family’s health is my top priority among others. But there are times when I get tired of trying to play guessing games on what he wants to eat everyday. Just to find out nothing. We completely weaned him from drinking Mosegor-Vita and he’s back to being a fussy-eater now. He has outgrown our TV trick. We also tried to sit together at the table, but it doesn’t work too! Feeding toddlers healthy foods can be a lot like playing an endless game of hide-and-seek — there’s their appetite…and now, it’s gone! Yes, it’s frustrating, really frustrating but that’s how it goes, and this is just one of my dilemmas as a mom.

My son, Cyler would rather eat cookies/snacks than to eat the real food, and so I started looking for some healthy snacks that will support the needs of his body. Doc Vienne also told us that as long as his healthy and he doesn’t get sick then there’s no need to worry. Being picky on what they eat doesn’t necessarily means that they don’t get enough nutrition says Dra.Vienne. But there are times when I can’t help it. That is why I started looking for nutritious snacks for my picky tot.

Here’s some healthy snacks for toddlers:

Organic Snacks

Organic fruits and veggies snacks are all Continue reading

How to Deal with Picky-Eater Toddler

His first solid food. Cyler was six months old here.

Many toddlers are picky eaters. Being picky about food is a normal behavior for many toddlers but it is also frustrating to every parents. Cyler became a picky eater when we introduced table foods to him. Maybe because his taste buds is not used to tasty foods. As mentioned from my previous post Dra.Vienne recommended an appetite vitamins for Cyler. The name of the vitamin is Mosegor Vita, happy to tell that it was effective to our picky-eater tot. He gained one kilo in just one month compare to the previous month. His food and milk intake increases as well. Now, we don’t need to force him to eat because he eats everything we give him.

Doc Vienne said that we can allow Cyler watch the TV while his eating, if that’s the only way to distract him from eating. We used to turn off the TV when he doesn’t want to eat, we show to him that he cannot watch the TV if he will not eat. Doc said that eating should also be fun to every toddler. She also said that a big mistake parents make is believing their child doesn’t like something because they refused it the first time around. But that first try, the food is new, and your toddler may just be wary. So don’t give up after just one shot. Continue to serve up that new food, and eventually, once it becomes a familiar sight, your tot may venture a taste.

Here are the three things that I learned from dealing with my picky eater toddler.

1. Do not force him to eat. Watch the signs that your baby’s had enough, such as turning his head away. When moms are controlling during feeding, babies are less able to regulate their own intake. Offer your child a variety of nutritious foods and let him or her choose what to eat.

2. Food is fun. Talk to your child while his eating– saying “Yummy!” encourages the baby to eat. And also let him touch the food and use his hands too, experiencing the textures of food is an important part of learning process says SP Maganize.

3. Patience is the key. Be patient, though. It can take up to 15 attempts before your picky eater gets used to a new taste. And even it can take up to one hour before he finishes his meal. Don’t put pressure on your child. Again, eating should be fun. 🙂

Don’t worry if it seems that your child doesn’t eat enough at one meal. Doc Vienne said that if your child has plenty of energy and is growing, he or she is most likely healthy. I am happy because Cyler is gaining more now although he is teething (again). Btw, the best time to give Mosegor vitamins to your child is before bed time because it has sleeping side effects. Cyler slept the whole day when he drink this vitamin for the first time, and so we decided to give it to him before bed time. It also helps him to sleep better at night. And of course, wait for your Pedia’s prescription before giving it to your child.

Motherhood gets tougher when you’re dealing with your picky eater child and motherhood isn’t all we hoped it would be, after all this is what motherhood is all about. Motherhood is hard and wonderful all at the same time. 🙂


I mentioned on my previous post that one of my little boy’s favorite drink was vitamins, yes he likes vitamins so much! Some babies usually have difficulties taking their vitamins, but my son quite enjoys it, though he is a picky eater like his Daddy. Hay. But I don’t complain. Maybe the little boy is not ready to eat something new or maybe he is afraid to go out on his comfort zone.

Anyhoo, here’s Cyler’s initial reaction when I’m about to give him vitamins.

He giggles and get too excited!

He had his monthly check-up with Dra.Vienne today and I mentioned to her that Cyler became a picky eater. She recommended an appetite vitamins to Cyler. Oh-uh vitamins again, I’m pretty sure that Cyler will be happy for this! Geez! The name of the vitamins was Mosegor,  it’s a daily vitamins and he will take this for 3months. This vitamins cost Php800++ pesosososes! My goodness, muntik nakong himatayin sa presyo!  Let’s see the result and I let you know about it. Dra.Vienne said that we’re on same boat cause she also experienced the same thing to her own child. She gave me some tips on how to teach my child to eat but I will try it first then I let you know if it works for this little picky eater. I really hope that this technique will help this little boy to eat some more. *cross finger*

Dear vitamins, sana pagkain kana lang din para kumain ng kumain si Cyler .  🙂

More! More!

Anyhoo, back to my topic I really don’t know why he likes vitamins so much, maybe because he is used to the taste or he likes the orange tangy flavor of his vitamins? Whenever I say “Cyler, here’s your vitamins!”, he giggles and sometimes he grab my hand because off too much excitement.  I’m still glad because he was able to take his vitamins though he is  a picky eater. A picky eater in a good way I say because he likes veggies than sweets. He likes  spinach, broccoli, sweet peas, and squash. Oh well, I just want him to gain more weight. That’s why sometimes I end up forcing him to eat. Sorry, sweetie. Mommy just want to make sure that you are getting enough nutrients for your body needs.

Ummm.. Mommy, no more vitamins? I want some more ! 😛

This is  one of our favorite bonding time with my baby as a newbie mom. And I hope every moms experience the same way too! Having a picky eater child is one of the most challenging part of being a parent but I’m embracing it with arms wide open! I know nag-uumpisa palang ako but I love it and I don’t complain!  🙂

P.S. Friends, if your child is picky eater too and you know some techniques that works to your child.. please, please let me know! THANKS! 🙂