3 Summer Must-Haves Make Up!

Let’s talk about muk-up today! I actually wanted to post the things that I learned from the Blog:Inspired workshop but I’m still collecting my thoughts, I guess a make-up review is the best warm up for my dead sleeping brain cells. It’s been a long time since I posted something related to kikay stuff(you can read it here and here), make up review to be exact. I bet you all know that I am really kikay (inside and out!), it runs in our blood. And it’s pretty obvious in the name of my blog. Teehee! Anyway, two weeks ago, I went makeup shopping together with these three fabulous Mommies, Maqui, Ate Maggie, and Erl and we discovered new cosmetics. Ate Maggie and I helped Maqui and Erl to choose the right make-up for them but we ended up buying for ourselves too! HAHA! Oh well, what do you expect? I’m a sucker of good cosmetics! Anyhoo,choosing the right cosmetics during summer is a bit challenging especially when keeping your make-up looking fresh and pretty. I know usong-uso ang mud slide pag summer that’s why I come up to this idea of sharing my newly discovered cosmetics to y’all. These make-ups are perfect for summer, it’s a must-have baby!

  • Elf Flawless Eyeshadow
  • Fashion 21 loose powder
  • BYS Blusher (coral)

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Mommy Finds: Meyerf Travel Pack Medicine Kit

I used to bring most of my things whenever I leave the house, most of the time people would ask me what’s on my huge bag. Well, I have my kikay kit, vanity kit, wallet, phone, my TBS Moringa body mist, hand sanitizer, umbrella, credit card holder, tissue, pen, and coin purse. But there’s one thing missing on my bag, can you guess what it is?!.. Oh yes, I don’t have medicine kit! I know it’s essential but I don’t have it! Cj and I get headaches at the most random times, especially when we travel,  but I always forgot to bring some medicines. I realized I’m not a girl scout. Here’s my confession: I don’t have medicine kit on my bag mainly because I’m too lazy to buy it. My fault, I’m sorry.  But here’s the good  news– my heart was filled with gladness when I found Meyerf Travel Pack Medicine Kit from the awesome site Manila Mommy.

Meyerf Travel Pack has all the essential medicines you need to fight against headaches, diarrhea, cough, fever, and colds. I purchased this portable medicine kit at Ministop for (drumroll please!)…. Php99.75 only! Now how good is that?! The container is clearly marked as to the use of each drug, so you’ll know what to take and when to take it. This travel pack has all the essential medicines that you need, it’s very affordable and useful. Super havey, right?! And also you can see the expiry date at the bottom of the container.

Meyerf Travel Pack Medicine Kit

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Kikay Finds: The Body Shop Moringa Body Mist

It’s so hard to find the perfect happy-medium scent that is not too sweet and not too floral,but I am happy because The Body Shop Moringa Body Mist is just perfect. This spray is fab and the smell lasts all day when sprayed. It also has the right amount of sweetness and floral scent that keep you from feeling like your grandma. This spray is richly floral that gives you a gentle burst of delicate florals. The fragrance is very light and airy, it doesn’t give you the cloying feel that stronger eau de toilettes can give, the smell is so refreshing.

The Body Shop Moringa Body Mist

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Japan Home Centre: Rants and Raves

Most of the time, we used to buy our groceries at SM Supermarket but I didn’t know or I never notice that there is Japan Home housewares inside the supermarket, I mean it was my first time to see it. I really don’t know why, maybe it depends on the branch? I’m not sure but I’m glad I saw it. Anyhoo, I was stumbled and hooked by the products they offer because the price ranges from Php66 to Php99 only! Oh boy, nabuhay nanaman ang kuripot at shoppingerang kaluluwa ko! I think hubby and I stayed in that corner for about more than thirty minutes. I ended up buying four items in just one stop.
Actually, I wanted to buy more but Cj stopped me from buying, he told me to only buy the things that is necessary. Oh well, quiet lang ang lola ninyo, may point naman siya. 🙂

So, what did we purchase?!

1. Stainless Strainer (Php88)
As usual, I bought this because I need this for some of my cooking experiment. Sorry, I didn’t take any picture of it.

2. Clothes Rail Cover (Php88)

We do have lots of clothes especially me, however Cj and I are sharing in one cabinet. So, how in the world is that?! We wanted to buy cabinet but we don’t have enough space in our room. So, some of our clothes are hang outside the cabinet and it just gathered dust. And so, when I found this item I immediately purchased it because I know we really need this one.

3. Super Adhesive Hooks (Php66)

I purchased this for my accessories. Ika nga ng asawa ko andami ko daw ka-kikayan. And so, when I saw this adhesive hook I have this light-bulb moment. And me thinks that diz iz perfect for my accessories and I need this in order to organize my kikay accessories. #MasabiLang

Look how it turned out…. Tadaah!!!
Ayoko talaga ng kakikayan! :p

Here’s the downside, I changed the adhesive tape of the hook because it always fell off, good thing I have an extra adhesive tape in the house. Oh well, what do I expect from Php66 petot?! As of now, hindi pa naman sila naglalaglagan… uli. Hahaha!

4. Plastic Durabox (Php99)



When Cyler enter the room, he usually go to the side of the bed where the toiletries are, he used to grab and throw all the stuffs there, and sometimes (worse) he put it on his mouth.



So, when I saw this mini- durabox I immediately bought it, so I can hide all the toiletries from my too fast too curious toddler. Kaso hindi nakalusot si Minnie Mouse. Kuliit! 🙂

Overall, I am happy with all our purchases. In fairness, I bought all the necessary things naman, am I riiight???!! And me thinks that I will go there more often. 🙂

P.S. Once a shoppingera, always a shoppingera. 😛