Things You Should Know About Me

I’ve always wanted to share my offline life to my fellow readers because I want you to know me better. So, this time please allow me to share some snippets of my offline life. I got this idea from the awesome site manilamommy. But this time the question is more on how motherhood change my life, I got some of the questions on SP June 2011 issue and I also added my own questions. ๐Ÿ™‚

20120617-190126.jpg Who is this kikay mommy? (Photo taken last November on our 1st Wedding Anniversary) ๐Ÿ™‚

So here it goes:
1. How I spend my ME-TIME: I usually spend it at the spa, I love getting pampered especially when I’m having a bad day at work.
2. The best parenting advice I’ve ever received: Enjoy every minute of your son’s childhood cause the next thing you know they would be opting to be on their own.
3. Being a mother has helped me become more: Selfless, my family is my top priority now among others. It’s always my son, then my husband, Cj, and then I’m the last person to attend to.
4. One thing that I miss when I became a mother: Actually, I miss wearing two piece! Hahaha! I can’t wear it again cause I have stretch marks on my tummy. But I don’t care and I don’t complain cause stretch marks symbolizes my motherhood. ๐Ÿ™‚
5.The greatest lesson motherhood has taught me: To love unconditionally and how to be patience, yes patience is the key! Having a picky eater son and husband is no joke! Hehe
6. One thing I never knew about motherhood: I took care of my siblings while growing up, so nothing was new to me, except to the fact that I’m taking care of my own kid now. That’s when my OA-ness and OC-ness began.
7. The best thing about being a Mom: It’s the happiness that I get when I’m seeing my child grow. I also had my instant stress reliever, Cyler has a great sense of humor, he never fails to make me laugh.
8. And the hardest: Seeing him in pain especially whenย  he’s teething and getting sick. It really breaks my heart. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
9. A favorite family hangout: Mall and our room! Our room is the only private place where we can bond, do whatever we like to do, play and laugh until the morning.
10. I never leave home without my: iPhone! Because I have my email there, my contacts, I can blog there, search the net, tweet, post on FB, Cyler can watch his fave cartoons there when we’re traveling, I can call and text there, in short I have everything there! Not to mention I haven’t deleted my inbox messages in my phone since November 10,2010(the date
when I purchased my phone). Haha!
11. I think the greatest invention for Mom is: TV and iPhone, it has so many educational app for kids. I can feed Cyler while his watching his fave cartoon Charlie and the Numbers!
12. Favorite bonding time: Reading books before bedtime, playing peak-a-boo, giving him a bath, feeding him, brushing his teeth, ay lahat na ata! Basta involved ang bagets precious time yun sakin. ๐Ÿ™‚
13.A book we’re currently reading: I read random short stories to her like Hugs and Kisses by Christophe Loupe, Dr. Seuss and Thomas the train.
14.My proudest moment as a Mother: To be able to witness my child’s achievements, no matter how big or small. Especially when people say that Cyler is very mabait and easy to deal with because he never throw tantrums and he doesn’t cry(when he do it’s for the strangest reason).
15. The things my child got from me: Many people say that Cyler looks like his Dad, so I guess he got my kadaldalan. There are times that Cyler would talk non-stop even though we can’t understand what he’s saying.
16. The last thing I did with my kid: We went to the church to
give thanks to the Lord. I gave him a bath and then I feed him. He is currently sleeping now that’s why I’m taking this opportunity to blog. Hehe
17. The toughest thing about being a Mom: Enforcing discipline and waking up at night. I’m Snorlax type and it’s really hard for me to stay up late that’s why most of the time Hubby is the one who stays awake at night especially when our son is on call center mode. Nyahaha!
18. I’m very proud of the fact that: I have stretch marks! Hahaha! What a woman go through when they’re pregnant and giving birth is no joke. Agree mga mommies? ๐Ÿ™‚
19. Greatest thing you’ve learned when you became a Mom: Spend less money on the stuff I want. I am a terrible shopaholic before, motherhood has taught me to spend wisely. Oh, yes I became a Frugalicious mom. ๐Ÿ™‚
20. Who are the man behind your success: There are only three-man in my life — God, Cyler and Cj. ๐Ÿ™‚
21. Motto in life: “You can mess up with me, but not with my child.”

That’s it pansit!

Now it’s your turn: In the comment box you can answer one question or you can ask me another question! Go ahead, I’d like to hear it! ๐Ÿ™‚


Are You a Tough Competitor?

As a newbie Mom, I know that I’m in the stage wherein I want my child to be the best (yes, Of course) that he can be and I guess every parents out there wants the same thing too. They say, “walang magulang ang naghangad ng masama para sa anak nila.” which is true. But then sometimes we don’t noticed that our self-worth tied up with our child’s success. And (worse) sometimes we don’t notice that we are competing with other parents already. I’m not expert in parenting. But lemme just share with you what I have read and learned at Smart Parenting Magazine. Last night, while reading the super old issue of SP this article suddenly caught my attention and I wanted it to share with you especially to all the parents and parents-to-be out there.

No one is born knowing how to be a parent. Competitive parents are just really trying to find reassurance that they are on the right track. Some people need to be extrinsically motivated. They need to see their children are “better” or that they are doing “bigger” things to believe they are good parents. The extreme cases can also be caused by transference. This parents feel that it’s not their child’s glory but theirs. If they’ve always wanted do something but never got the chance, they force their child to do it even if the child doesn’t want to.

The experts says that if you’re always pushing your child to be the best, he might think that you’re love is conditional. You may unconsciously or worse consciously push him to excel and forget to see your child as he really is. As a result, your child may be cranky, touchy, clingy, or just plain difficult to handle. He may also feel that your love is connected to his doing things that will make you proud.

Nevertheless, my point is don’t make your child suffer to fill something that’s lacking within you. Remember he is seperate from you and what he need most from you are unconditional love and acceptance.

Cyler, I love you from infinity and beyond!

Parenting in the Time Of Tablets

The Smart Parenting May issue comes bundled with the latest issue of Super Mom. The “Parenting In The Time of Tablets” article of SuperMom helps me alot on how to deal with my child in todays high-tech world. Me and my hubby are both in the IT world and it’s part of our life already. But we don’t want to over expose Cyler in the high-tech gadgets, we want him to be able to experience the real world. When I was a little kid I used to climb in the trees and even in the roof. Hehe And we used to play patintero, mataya-taya, doctor quack-quack, tagu-taguan, etc. This got me thinking about how many of our fave activities as a child have now been altered in the digital age.I know it’s really different now, but I still want him to be able to experience the same thing that I experience back when I was a child (climbing in the roof is not included,hehe). For me, nature is the best playground evaah, I must say. And I want him to experience how it feels like in the outside world coz the real thing is much, much harder deal that takes real practice. We don’t have any yaya to look after him especially on weekends, as much as possible Hubby and I don’t really want a yaya, we want to raise our son on our own. Sometimes I feel so guilty coz we let Cyler watch the tv or let him play my iPhone in order to do our chores. My mother or my sister used to look after him on weekdays, I’m really thankful and I feel so blessed coz I don’t have to worry about Cyler when I’m at work. Anyhoo, back to my topic, it’s true that techie gadgets is a great way to distract the kids, but it shouldn’t turn into a full-time babysitter. Nowadays, most of the kids will choose to stay in front of the computer than to play outside. And I don’t want that to happen on my own child, I won’t let it happen. Lemme share with you some of the advices that I got from SP.

โ€ข Kids who spend too much time at the computer are missing out on other activities fundamental to their physical, social, and emotional development.
โ€ข Kids often watch videos or play video games alone, can cause social isolation.
โ€ข If your child regulary play games with plots based on violence and aggression, he’s at risk for increased aggresive behavior.

โ€ข Tablets and smartphones are sometimes a very effective learning tool.
โ€ข Exposing your child to such high-tech gadgets does not make you a bad parent (wew! I feel relief), as long as its usage is properly supervised and in moderation.

Look how this thing captures his whole attention.

These are the things that I learned from SP. Wether we like it or not it is the way of the future, as a parent the best thing that we can do is to set a limit to how much our child should spend in the world of tablets.

P.S. Thanks again SP for the very informative article! It helps me alot! Superb! ๐Ÿ™‚

The Tooth Hurts

As early as five months Cyler started teething. We noticed that his gums became swollen and there’s a white spot in the gums area. A week after, when I slide my index finger along his gums I felt something hard. Right there, on the bottom: a tooth! Moving forward, he has now a total of 8 tooth (teeth), and his molars are starting to peek out on his gums. It’s nice to see him building a beautiful smile, but it breaks my heart to see him uncomfortable and in pain. So we asked Dra. Vienne about this, she suggested that we give him paracetamol whenever his in pain especially at night so he can sleep better. Because Cyler is having a hard time sleeping at night when he’s teething. But I’m really glad because he never gets any fever. Also, she suggested that we put his pacifier or teether on the freezer, because colds slightly numbs the area. Sometimes I let him chew his blanket or wash cloth, cause Cyler wants to bite everything. He likes biting me, his daddy and even his lolo and lola. My gulay! But it’s fine, that’s totally understandable. He prefers thumb sucking than using pacifier, I noticed that it become his pain reliever. So I let him do it, besides Dra. Vienne said that it’s fine and it’s normal but she also said that we should stop his thumb sucking habit before he reach 2 years old, it might cause dental problems. I also love thumb sucking when I was a little kid, maybe he got this habit from me. #BakaLangNaman

The Smart Feature article of Smart Parenting July 2011 issue helps me on how to properly care my infant’s teeth. You can follow these tips:
โ€ข wipe a clean, wet washcloth over the gums daily. Start doing this even before your baby has any teeth. Personally, I use a cotton in wiping his gums, just cover your index finger with a cotton and put a small amount of water and massage it to your infant’s gums.
โ€ข Once a day, polish new teeth with a small, soft toothbrush. Cover it with a tiny smear of flouridated children’s toothpaste. I started using a toothbrush on Cyler’s teeth when he was 7mos. because he has 6 tooth (teeth) already at that time and it became his daily favorite habit. No more pilitan moment for us cause he really loves brushing his teeth.
โ€ข Schedule a dental appointment around her first birthday. Now this is my next plan for Cyler.

At 5 months he has 2 teeth already.

At 7 months his front teeth are almost complete (Lakas lang maka-Twilight, nauna kasi yung pangil niya tumubo. Hehe)

And now, no more twilight days.. I mean toothless smile for Cyler! ๐Ÿ™‚

Teething is part of every child’s milestone and I am looking forward for his next milestone. ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S. Still, the best remedies are hugs and kisses from Mommy and Daddy. ๐Ÿ™‚

Smart Parenting: My Parenting Partner

I love reading Smart Parenting. It all started when I’m still pregnant with Cyler, I was on a bookstore and searching for parenting advice when I saw this magazine. October 2010 issue was my first SP, ‘Preggy 101’ article helps me a lot and it gaves me a lot of ideas. Since then, I make sure to get every issue. ‘Preggy picks’ and ‘Smart picks’ article was a big help for me. The article helped me tremendously in determining what to buy for Cyler. I was looking for a good photographer for Cyler’s first photoshoot when I found ‘Blow Up Babies’ Full Production Photography on January/February 2011 issue. I was extremely impressed with their works, I must say. I was amazed by the very informative articles I could relate too. I am more confident and panatag Mom because SP is my parenting partner.


Here are some of my SP collection

Truly, being a parent is a big challenge every day but thanks to SP for helping me out. I am looking forward to more knowledgeable advice from you. ๐Ÿ™‚



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