KMS Cooks: Spam and Bacon Pasta Ala Kikay Mommy Sha

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is safe and dry, thank God the weather is getting better now. So far wala ng ulan dito sa area namin and as per the news nakalabas na rin daw ng area of responsibility si bagyong Maring. Thank goodness! Clear na rin daw ung mga flooded area though some of the places here in Manila are still in the state of calamity. Let’s continue praying and help donating for those people who are affected by typhoon Maring. I thank God because my family stay safe for the past three days. Let’s be positive and trust God, I know we will overcome all these things, that’s the Filipino spirit! Chin up because everything will be alright.

Alright, going back to the main topic…I just wanna share this super easy pasta recipe that I cooked last Monday. The Government suspended work last Monday due to typhoon so that only means I have more time to cook for my family! Hooray! I guess, that’s the brighter side of staying at home due to typhoon, right?


So let’s start now with the ingredients shall, we?

Here’s watchunid:

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