Sunday Recap

Weekend, weekend, weekend why I love you so? How come Monday is so close to Sunday yet so far from Saturday?! Can somebody explain why? Weekend is so precious for us, especially for us working parents because that’s the only time where we can spend our whole day with our child. The feeling is weird when it’s weekend it feels like I’m always celebrating my 1st Birthday! The excitement, giddiness, and happiness is different– in short wagas ang feeling pag weekend! Siksik, liglig, at umaapaw ang kaligayahan!

We love staying at home every Sunday, it’s the time when we do our household chores and just bum around the whole day! We love waking up late on weekends too (we’re not a morning peepz you know) and we love staying in our tiny little room and just play there the entire day. Last Sunday was quite different though. While my toddler is still sleeping, I took the chance to prepare his brekky (even though I’m still sleepy). I cooked pancakes in the morning and he liked it! He kept on saying “yum!” while he’s eating. Oh those precious words from my picky eater I seldom hear that! I bet he really liked it. Yay! 🙂

Come afternoon, off we went to S&R, The Fort together with my in-laws. I can’t remember when was the last time we went out together (that was ages ago I think). Our toddler was really happy to be with his Lola and Lolo as well his Tito Francis and Tita Ninang. We went to S&R, The Fort since they’re on sale. We actually don’t have any plans on going there because I don’t want to waste my time falling in line just to get buy1 take1 and great discounts, of course I’m kidding who doesn’t like buy1 take1 and great discounts?! My gulay! That sent chills to my spine! It’s my SIL who requested for it, so gorabels na din kami! Sale eh! Sayang! Choosy pa ba kami?! LOL!

Here’s our little driver who kept on shouting the whole ride!He kept on saying bee-bee(beep-beep) and stop while riding in the push cart! He’s shouting not because of tantrums but because he felt like he’s driving a real car. Pero kalmado na siya that time, napagod eh!

Don’t you just love Nutella?! OH-EM-GEEEE! And look at the price!

Almost everything was on sale and buy1 take1 (kaya nga sale eh!), well some products are not especially diapers. SOB. We made sure that we purchased everything we need especially ung mga naka-wholesale… talked about you know… hoarding. Nabuhay nanaman ang natutulog kong shoppingerang kaluluwa! Kaloka!

Lumaglag ang panga namin (literally) nung bayaran na, guess how much our bill…5k? Nope! 6k? Nope! 7k or 8k?! Definitely…not! Oh siya siret na… it’s 11,000++ pesosesoses! My goodness! I guess good for six months or more na yung pinamili namin. Akala ko pang bahay lang bibilhin namin, hindi naman nila ko sinabihan na magtatayo na kami ng sari-sari store agad agad! My gosh! Wala ng bilihan uli ‘to. PROMISE! PEKSMAN! Itaga natin yan…uhmmmm…sa papel?! Tapos punitin natin ung papel! LOL!

After paying the bill I bought some ice-cream…. pangpa-kalma! Hingang malalim! Wew!

White caramel chuvaness flavored ice-cream, it cost Php69 petot only. Pwde na pang-kalma. Hehe

Did I mention that this is so delish?! It is! The white caramel really goes well with the chocolate bits. The chocolate taste exactly like reese, my favorite! O baka naman reese nga sya?! Not sure wala nako sa ulirat nyan eh. Haha! Oh basta yummy sya! I swear! Try it!

New kicks on the block!

Look at Cyler’s new kicks! It absolutely rocks! I so love it! Pwede ko na nga actually hiramin sakanya muka namang magka-size lang kami ng paa ng anak ko. 🙂

After that wala-na-bang-bukas shopping, Cyler played and enjoyed the little grasses at the sidewalk. I told yah, he really loves nature!

He kept on saying “Mommy, gwin (green) grass!”. No, sweetie it’s yellow. Chos! After hoarding, off we went home. Wala ng datung! Chos! Nag drive-thru nalang kami after since it’s getting dark already.

These are some of our grocery shopping, I know puro pampabata! Hehe

Here’s me and my son off to Zzzzz land.

We we’re about to sleep when hubs entered the room and suddenly Cyler got so giddy and..

…they started playing the iPad. Akala ko it’s bedtime na…anyare?

And there, that’s how our weekend goes! Sana weekend na ulit! 🙂


Cyler’s Charlie and the Numbers Birthday Party: Lootbags and Prizes

So here’s my third post for Cyler’s birthday party. First is the theme then the candy buffet and now the lootbags and prizes. Cyler’s lootbags are specially made because we couldn’t find any ready made loot bags out there that fit the party’s theme. I searched various websites and forum and I found Pixie Pen Graphics Online shop. I realized that being an internet savvy is a big help, really. Pixie Pen offers personalized party favors like personalized loot bags, invitation, ballpen, note pad, bagtag, photo magnet, birthday standee, etc. Not to mention they sell it in cheaper price, perfect for frugalicious Mommy like me. What I like about them is that they are really easy to talk to and very accommodating. They were able to deal with my OC-ness and kaartehan, yes I’m very maarte when it comes to details. I ordered 40pcs large PERSONALIZED LOOT BAG, it costs Php30/ea only. They have different loot bags sizes Small – 3.5″ (W) x 6″ (H) – P25.00 each and Large – 9″ (W) x 5.75″ (H) – P30.00 each. We corresponded via email and text. I was hesitant at first to contact her but I gave it a shot and so I emailed her about the theme to which she responded very quick! Their store is located at Marikina. I deposited my payment through BDO then my Mom picked up the loot bags at SM Marikina since my Mom lives at Antipolo. I pay additional Php50 for their transpo fare.

The Lootbags

The Loots

For boys

For girls

We bought most of the loots at Divisoria. The coloring books was DIY also. Hubby did the layout of the characters and my CIL, Jus did the cover layout. What went inside? Well, we have coloring books, crayons,silly-sticky- hands, pick-up sticks, ruler with sharpener and assorted candies from S&R. For the girls, I added two pony tails. Of course di pwedeng mawala ang ka-kikayan. Thanks to my BIL, Kuya Francis and my CIL, Sharmaine for helping me packed all the lootbags. Oh, I really enjoyed packing the lootbags! 🙂

The Prizes

We also bought the prizes goodies at Divisoria. As much as possible ayoko talagang tipirin yung prizes of course nag effort yung mga winners sa games diba? The prizes contains two toys and we also added some biscuits. Most of the toys are mind game toys because I really love fun learning toys for the kids. I also bought the prizes paper bags at Divisoria for Php10.oo/each only. The party host told me to prepare 20 prizes but we prepared 21 prizes.

I am so happy because the kids were surprised and very happy to their prizes and lootbags. You may check out the loots prices here.

P.S. I’ll be posting more of the party details tomorrow(promise!) because I need to go now. Hope these details will help you! 🙂

Pixie Pen Contact Info:

Tel No:(02) 668- 9253
Mobile No: 0949-6831214;0915-2946069;0922-8704838
Like them on facebook: Pixiepen

Cyler’s Charlie and the Numbers Themed Birthday Party: Candy Buffet

I have attended lots of birthday parties and I noticed that the Candy Corner wasn’t noticed by most guests and even by the kids and I guess the main reason behind that is because the design is not so catchy to the eyes and tummies. And so, I spend much time conceptualizing the candy buffet on how to make it feast for both eyes and tummies. As I mentioned in my previous birthday post, I want the theme to be consistent in everything — this includes the candy corner. My BIL, Kuya Francis and my CIL, Jus helped me out in conceptualizing the design for the candy buffet. The candy buffet didn’t hurt our bank accounts (that much), since most of the sweet treats were gifts. I got really inspired by all the candy buffet that I saw in the awesome site Hostess with the Mostess.

Presenting our very own Candy Buffet

We had various candies in the buffet like gummy bears, gummy worms, jelly, lollies, assorted candies, smarties and marshmallows c/o of my CIL, Ate Gigi. Most of the candies are bought from S&R and SM Supermarket. The candy buffet also had cookies, I bought 4 boxes of cookies at S&R for Php99/box only. The cookies caught my attention when we went shopping at S&R cause it’s very colorful, the designs was so cute and was really catchy to the eyes. When I tasted the cookies, I find it not too sweet, the taste was just right and it melts on your mouth, and I think it’s perfect for the kids!  My office mate said that his son love the cookies from the candy buffet. And we also had chocolate flavored cuppies or cupcake from Sweet Creations by Mums (they’re my cake supplier too). The cupcake cost Php40/ea including the topper. My CIL, Jus made the design layout for the topper, we just gave the soft copy of the design to our supplier and they are the one who print it out.  Most of the guests said that the cupcake was very moist and not too sweet, just right. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to taste it cause it was almost wipe off even before the party started! Everybody likes it! Supposed to be our supplier for the cupcake was my previous supplier, the one that I had in Cyler’s Christening, but one week before the event she backed out due to personal matter, which is totally understandable. Even though she wasn’t able to accommodate our order, she still allowed us to borrow her cupcake tower, how nice,right?! Another good thing was my cake supplier, Sweet Creations by Mums was able to accept my order for cuppies even if they only had one week prepping time. God is really good all the time! 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And of course, if there’s upside there is also a downside. Last March, I saw a cake-pops promo at Ensogo the price was really cheap and so I bought 4 dozens of it. After buying, I immediately called the supplier  for my reservation. The pick up date I gave them was June 2, the day before the event. Fast forward June 2, we went to the bakeshop to pick up my orders. I approached the counter and asked for my reservations then she told me that I don’t have any reservations to them. WATDA.. FUDGE! Na-highblood ang lola ninyo! Imagine, I called them twice, tapos sasabihin nila wala?! Oh common, mamon, hamon! Anyare?! My goodness! They told me to re-schedule my reservation and I said “NO” because we need that tomorrow. I told them that if they won’t make it today they need to refund my money. They are selling cake-pops but they don’t have any cake pops available on their shop, now how in the world was that? My gulay! So, they don’t have any choice but to refund my money.  Super duper EPIC FAIL! The name of the bakeshop was Ciocolato Cupcakery it is located at Hobbies of Asia Macapagal Blvd.,Pasay City. Oh well, first impression lasts they just gave a negative impression to their shop. I hope you won’t experience this epic supplier tragedy. Alright, forget about the cake pops mishaps, the party must go on no matter what happened.

Anyhoo, here’s some of the DIYs in the candy buffet:

The cast of Charlie and the Numbers

Birthday banner c/o my in-laws

Personalized name banner

Moving forward, besides from the yummy treats we also had DIYs on the candy buffet. We print all the characters of Charlie and the Numbers in a short bond paper; we cut it, glued it on a stick and poke it into the Styrofoam. We also had a birthday and name banner in the candy buffet.  And I also added some “eat me” sign in every cups and candy container. And viola! Our candy buffet was indeed very appetizing for both eyes and tummies to all our guests. I’m so happy because everybody loves the candy buffet not only the kids, but the kids at heart as well. The sweets are almost wipe off even before the party started. Good thing there’s still few more left for the late comers. Also, it feels so great with all the compliments that I received from our guests, it was priceless. Thank you so much! 🙂

Special thanks to my BIL, Kuya Francis for helping me conceptualizing this candy buffet and the party as well, to my CIL, Ate Gigi for the candies, to my CIL, Jus for all the designs layout, and to all our guest for munching the yummy treats! 🙂

Sweet Creations by Mums Contact Info:

Tel: +632 – 477 – 9874
Mobile: +63927 – 251 – 1922

Like them on Facebook: SBCM

Charlie and the Numbers Themed Birthday Party

Hi everyone, finally here’s my special post for Cyler’s first birthday party! Six months ago, we started planning for our little boy’s first birthday party. I have seen so many birthday parties but I’d never try to plan any. It was my first time to organize a birthday party(yes it is!)  and this was a big challenge for me and my husband, Cj. As much as possible we want the party to be simple but of course special for it’s our son’s first birthday and we want the guests to have fun and enjoy too.

The first thing we had to think about it was the THEME, of course. Everything starts in the theme. We had a  couple of criteria for the theme: (1) should be  Cyler’s TOP favorite (2) must be unique (3) it should be silly and at the same time fun (4) simple but rock. And the perfect theme that goes to our mind was… CHARLIE and the NUMBERS! Charlie and the Numbers is a program from BabyTV , a television channel for infants, toddlers, and their parents which cover all early learning skill and developmental milestones for toddlers. We are fans of Charlie and the numbers and I have mentioned in my previous blog post that Cyler go loco when he watches this cartoon. Cyler was literally hypnotize once he started watching this cartoon, with his eyes wide open without blinking. So, I guess we meet all the criteria and this is the perfect theme for our little boy’s first birthday party! And so, it has been decided that we’re gonna having a Magical Numbers Birthday party for Cyler!

Welcome to the Magical Numbers Birthday Party!

Venue: Shakey’s Quezon Ave

Party Details and DIYs

On the other hand, thing about the theme is that it is not common in the Philippines. It’s not even familiar to anyone here, only two(including us) out of ten Filipinos are familiar with the theme. Charlie and the numbers is available at Destiny and Sky cable only, but you can also visit BabyTv site and download the iPhone App of this. Anyhoo, back to my topic, I browse various websites and forums but I couldn’t find that theme. Geez! The only thing that we saw about Charlie and the Numbers theme was a birthday cake(oh at least..meron). Whew! So, here comes the biggest challenge still we went for it. Armed with our bright ideas and creative juices, my OC-ness and OA-ness began. I got so many party ideas from various websites like Hostess with the Mostess, Oh happy Day and Smart Parenting magazine. I want the theme to be consistent in everything from the little to big details. And of course, it should be budget wise as well. And the most important thing to me, it has to be memorable, fun, and happy not only to us but to every guests who will attend the party. Fast forward to June 2012, we had a Magical Numbers Birthday party for Cyler.

Meet the Birthday Boy! 🙂

I didn’t require the guests to wear any costume at all because I want all the kids especially the babies  to feel comfy on their attire. I’d make sure that all our guests will go home with a happy face and full tummy. I didn’t worry about Cyler anymore because he is used to crowded environment. The birthday celebrant was taking a nap when the party started but his Lolo forced him to get up and so he started to felt uneasy and a bit clingy when he woke up. Although he didn’t cry, actually he rarely cry and when he do it’s for the strangest reason. The very talkative and cheerful Cyler was missing at that time, but it was totally understandable.

Moving forward, good thing after a few minutes he was in a good condition again and he allowed everyone to carry him over and over, that’s why I kept on finding him the entire time. We didn’t had the chance to take more pictures because I was insanely busy entertaining our guests and Cyler was always missing in action. The guests kept on coming from time to time.  Cyler was busy minding his own business and  just thumb-sucking the entire time, you will noticed that in most of his photos. Thumb sucking makes him feel so comfy, that’s why we allow him to do it. Cyler was so curious by the different people who carry him and the different surroundings, so he had his signature “Curious Frown” look the whole time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Less than 100 guest confirmed but on the day of the event almost 150++ guests showed up! BOOM! Box office diba?! But it’s totally fine, the more the merrier! And it feels so overwhelming cause all our relatives and friends were all there and became part of that very special day. Again, from the bottom of my heart, I would like to say ‘thank you’ to all the people who came and became part of the most awaited day of our son. We appreciate all your time and effort.

Overall, the party went well and was great. I am very happy with the good feedback’s that I received from our guests. The party host did a great job too, they are indeed hilarious!  All our guest went home with gas pain due to over…. laughing. Yikes! The party host was able to kept the party alive which I liked the most. Four thumbs up for that, including my foot thumb! Teehee! They really did job well done.  🙂

Our vendors did a great job as well because they we’re able to meet all my expectations, actually it’s beyond my expectations. The suppliers doesn’t  have any idea about the theme but they gave so much time and effort researching for it. Hats off to all our suppliers! You really made this Magical Numbers Birthday party impossible and a wonderful thing to do! Btw, if you want to ask anything about the party details, supplier names, contacts and other stuff, just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I possible.

Special thanks to our dear friend, Lhei and his hubby Hansel for the awesome tarpulin, my CIL, Ate Gigi for the sweet treats in the candy buffet, my, CIL Jus for all the design layout, my sister, Isang and CIL, Sharmaine for helping us doing all the DIYs, to my BIL, Kuya Francis for helping me conceptualizing the whole party and of course to my husband, Cj for his undying support for I won’t be able to do this without his help . Again, many thanks to all our family and friends for being part of this special day of our son, Cyler. We really appreciate it, thank you so much!  🙂

Btw, here’s the run through of our suppliers. I’ll make a reviews about them on my next post, so watch out for that!

Venue: Shakey’s Quezon Avenue

Cake and Cuppies : Sweet Creations by Mums

Balloon Decor : JD Party Shop

Loot Bags: Pixie Pen

Party Host: Leny’s Party Needs & General Merchandise

Photo Coverage: Jam Masalonga

DIYs and other Details: Divisoria, National Book Store

Sweets: S&R, SM Supermarket

My Shopping Mishaps

Last Saturday, we was so busy buying stuffs for Cyler’s upcoming birthday party. We went to S&R at The Fort, then to SM Supermarket Makati, and then to Rustans Department Store to make sure that we have everything that we needed for his first birthday party. I was so ngarag, losyang and super tired at that time cause while shopping I’m also taking good care of my little boy, but I don’t complain. I love what I’m doing and I enjoy party planning until…

First shopping mishaps: I bought a new pair of pants for Cyler at Rustans, when I got to the counter I presented my FSP2 card(Rustans membership card) as usual cause I’ve been using that a number of times. Sadly, I had to find out when I got to the counter that my FSP2 card wasn’t activated yet and I need to go to the concierge to be able to activate it and earn points. So I answered them with a big “WHATDA?! Why you didn’t tell me that from the start?!”. Oh, that REALLY sent chills to my spine. My goodness! I want to explode at that time, I tried to be calm, but I started to be a bit mataray (lumabas ang natatago kong mataray na kaluluwa bigla!) to the cashier. Besides, customer is always right, ayt?! Eh kasi naman noh, I really thought that I’m earning points, tapos hindi pala. Naka-kaloka! Diba?! Grabe! They assisted me at the concierge and they activated my card. So when I got to the concierge, I told them that they should inform me about that from the very beginning, cause it’s like I’m using that card for nothing. Nevertheless, I pay for that membership card, so it’s my right to complain. Right?! And it seems like I’m wasting my money for nothing. Hay. Epic Fail!

Second shopping mishaps: After that epic moment, we went to the breastfeeding station to take some rest, relax and feed Cyler. After that we decided to go home. Unfortunately, for some inexplicable reason… I left our purchases at the breastfeeding station. My gulay! I left it at the crib inside the breastfeeding station (oh my!momnesia attack again). Hay. Another epic failure! So, we went home without knowing that we left our purchases in Rustans. So the night passed by and I still don’t remember that I left something there. It was Sunday night already and we’re about to sleep when I figured out that there’s something missing on Cyler’s outfit for his birthday party. My eyes literally popped out and I shouted saying “Hon! Naiwan ko ata sa Rustans ung pinamili natin!” , it was 11pm then, I called Rustans immediately. Somebody answered the phone, oh, it was Manong guard he told me that I should call in the morning cause the mall was close already. And suddenly it sinked into my mind that it was late at night already, so I said “Ok” to Manong guard. Oo nga naman sarado na ung mall, kalerkey! Panic mode lang ang peg, sorry naman. We checked our place and the car hoping that it was there.. pero wala talaga, ni anino, wala talaga. Ayayay! Naiwan ko nga!

So the morning came, it was Monday already and it was our little boy’s big day. Our first plan was to go to the church near our place and attend the mass there, but we changed our plan and decided to attend the mass in Greenbelt chapel since we need to go back to Rustans to get the stuff that we left there. When we arrived at Rustans we went to the concierge and asked if they saw some shopping bag inside the breastfeeding station last saturday. Luckily, they got it and they returned it back to us. Thank goodness! Hay! Nakahinga ako ng bonggang bongga!

Lesson learned:
First, double check all your things or belongings before leaving the place. Check it twice or thrice! Wag ninyo na kong tularan. Pasensya na my momnesia lang, epekto ng epidural (but it’s true, believe me) #MasabiLang
Second, if you purchase a membership card to any stores, make sure it was activated and you are earning points especially if you pay for that card. Kasi sayang if you pay for it and you’re not getting any benefits. Ayt?!

So, to all the shoppingera’s and shoppingero’s out there, always get ready for that shopping mishaps!