My Latest Sweet Creations

Hello everyone! How’s your weekend so far?! I hope you’re all having a great great weekend, like I do! Anyhoo, just want to share some of my newest creations (or obsession!) to y’all. Lately, I’ve been very busy baking cake! Yes, you read it right! It’s cake not cupcake. Whenever we’re in my hometown I always take the chance to bake cake since we have an oven there. For those people who keep on asking if I used to attend baking classes– the answer is NO. And yes, I’m a self-taught baker. And proud to be. I guess the only thing that drives me into baking is my passion and love in baking. If I’m not a programmer, I guess I am a full-time baker now. When I bake I make sure that I put my heart and soul in it. They say when you create something with love it always turns out right because it comes from the heart. If you think you never grow on what you’re doing then there must be something wrong or lacking, it must be LOVE and PASSION!

So far, I tried baking two different flavor cakes! The first one was chocolate cake. I baked this for my Lola 40days. So far so good. And we super love the chocolate ganache frosting! At first I was skeptical, I thought it wouldn’t turn out right because it looks so dull. It doesn’t look so appealing to our eyes too, but when I started decorating it ayun na– BOOM! Finally, it looks like a cake! Muka namang cake diba? Hehe

In fairness, they say it taste a lot better than Red Ribbon and Goldilocks! Achuchuchuuuu!….OKAY! Naniniwala nako! LOL!

The second one was butternut caramel cake! My favoriteeeee! I super kaduper love caramel, as in! I love caramel than chocolate. I tried cooking caramel before but it was failed. Epic fail. It turned into yema instead. Ganun ka-fail! Last Holy Week when we we’re in our house in Antipolo, I gave it a second chance and tried cooking caramel again. This time t’was success! YAHOOO! The cake itself is butternut flavor while the frosting is caramel buttercream. I guess it was a perfect combination, light and sweet! Don’t you just love caramel?! I doooo, really really do! *drool*

We didn’t eat the cake, I told my Tita Nanin to bring it to the church instead. She was thinking of bringing pandesal in the church so I told her to bring the cake instead of buying the usual pandesal. At least my dessert na sila. Maybe you are thinking why do you have to bring food in the church? In Born-Again churches we used to have breakfast altogether after the Easter Sunday Service, so everyone used to bring food, potluck that is. And in fairness, when she got home lalagyan nalang ang natira! And good news— wala naman nasiraan ng tiyan. LOL!

And since we didn’t taste the cake, I made a mini-version of it— cupcake! So that’s the birth of butternut cupcake with caramel buttercream frosting in Sweet Treats! And I realized instead of focusing on design I’d better focus on the taste. Nowadays, people tend to buy cupcakes because of its design and when they tasted it they get so disappointed because of the taste. So from now on, I will focus more on the taste instead of focusing on the designs. Yeah, I know designs are cool but having a perfect tasting cupcake is way way better than having a cool designs! 🙂

In addition to that, today I added another new delectable flavor in Sweet Treats!

Ladies, gays, and gentlemen presenting the new flavor in town….

(insert Kiyomi song here! HAHAHA!)

Apple Cinnamon cupcake with Cinnamon cream-cheese frosting!

I can actually eat the cupcake alone even without the frosting. The cupcake itself is really tasty, fluffy, and flavorful! I’m not saying this because I’m the one who baked it, I just want to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. Even my mother-in-law said that it was really yummy and tasty. I bet not to disagree! My MIL knows best! LOL! My toddler loves it too! And my friends too! It taste even more better together with the frosting. So if you want a free taste you can drop by at our house… NOW! There’s still 2 more cupcakes left in the refrigerator! Hehe

FYI: I’m not selling the cakes, I don’t think I’m capable enough to sell it. For now, it’s for my family and friends only. Oh and if you haven’t seen our official FB page please take time to visit and check all my sweet creations. Just click here.

Happy blessed Sunday! 🙂


Patience is a Virtue

…in Baking and in Business.

These are the things that I learned from the book that I’m currently reading. Today, I posted the photo below in our Facebook Page and in my personal account, I wanted to share it to everyone else because I believe patience is so important to everyone else’s life. Not only in business or in baking, but also in our daily lives.  See, I’m taking my hobby (aka baking) seriously, it’s not just a simple hobby anymore. It’s my passion and my love. And I want to nurture this and share it to everybody.

Baking is like a long-lost-love for me. I used to bake before (hindi lang talaga halata), yes you read it right. But when I started working I stopped baking due to lack of time and because I moved here in Manila. My Tita(Aunt) Nanin was my mentor in baking, I owe all my baking skills and knowledge to her. Well, actually I owe her everything. I won’t be successful in my career without her help. She took care of me and my siblings when our parents got separated, she supported our studies, and she’s always there for us. She never leave us. Oh I’m starting to get teary, sorry for the drama folks. Anyhoo, going back to the topic… I love to cook, BUT baking means a lot to me. Sometimes, it’s really hard to figure out what you really like to do. When I started baking again  I never thought that this skills would help me A LOT in finding what I really love. It’s a kind of thing that I wanted to do everyday, it’s like taking good care of my family. And it feels so good and relaxing whenever I bake.

I never thought that my love in baking will be my key to success. Well, I know I’m just starting and I’m not claiming to be the next Cupcake Queen like Cupcakes by Sonja or Vanilla Cupcakery… I’m faaaaar beyond that! But I do believe that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH A DREAMER, right? Yes or yes?! Yessss! Amen to that! When I started baking cupcakes it never came across my mind that I want to open up a business. I just want to be reunited with my old love. That’s it! I just want to bake for my family. But when my office-mate’s, neighbors, friends, and even my boss tasted the cupcakes they told me that I should start selling it. Being a newbie in cupcake, I didn’t take it seriously. Not until they started bugging me about it. Everyday, they would call me or ask me if I’m selling my cupcakes already. So one day, I talked to my husband and the rest of my family and friends, I asked them if I really had the guts to start-up a business. And they all said “YES!” with four thumbs-up(including the feet’s thumb). So with all the encouragement and kind words I started my small business. I started selling it with my friends and as time goes by my friend’s friend ordered more cupcakes from me. From red-velvet cupcakes, I started experimenting with new flavors like chocolate and vanilla. And when I started receiving tons of order we decided to put up an online shop for our small business. Now that’s the birth of Sweet Treat’s. We opened our online cupcake-shop last February 1, so far so good. We’ve got more orders now. As a matter of fact, last Valentine’s day we baked 200++ cupcakes for that special occasion. I was dead tired but I’m not complaining. After working at the office, I was rushing to go home because there are bunch of cupcakes that needs to get bake! Thank goodness my sister was there to helped me out. I owe her A LOT! I finished baking at around 1AM, it was really tiring but fulfilling. Thank God for those wonderful blessing!

Personalized Valentine’s Cupcake

And it’s thrilling to see how our cupcakes have become part of the story of so many relationships.

Here’s some of the cupcakes that I baked for our customers:

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Cyler’s Charlie and the Numbers Themed Birthday Party: Candy Buffet

I have attended lots of birthday parties and I noticed that the Candy Corner wasn’t noticed by most guests and even by the kids and I guess the main reason behind that is because the design is not so catchy to the eyes and tummies. And so, I spend much time conceptualizing the candy buffet on how to make it feast for both eyes and tummies. As I mentioned in my previous birthday post, I want the theme to be consistent in everything — this includes the candy corner. My BIL, Kuya Francis and my CIL, Jus helped me out in conceptualizing the design for the candy buffet. The candy buffet didn’t hurt our bank accounts (that much), since most of the sweet treats were gifts. I got really inspired by all the candy buffet that I saw in the awesome site Hostess with the Mostess.

Presenting our very own Candy Buffet

We had various candies in the buffet like gummy bears, gummy worms, jelly, lollies, assorted candies, smarties and marshmallows c/o of my CIL, Ate Gigi. Most of the candies are bought from S&R and SM Supermarket. The candy buffet also had cookies, I bought 4 boxes of cookies at S&R for Php99/box only. The cookies caught my attention when we went shopping at S&R cause it’s very colorful, the designs was so cute and was really catchy to the eyes. When I tasted the cookies, I find it not too sweet, the taste was just right and it melts on your mouth, and I think it’s perfect for the kids!  My office mate said that his son love the cookies from the candy buffet. And we also had chocolate flavored cuppies or cupcake from Sweet Creations by Mums (they’re my cake supplier too). The cupcake cost Php40/ea including the topper. My CIL, Jus made the design layout for the topper, we just gave the soft copy of the design to our supplier and they are the one who print it out.  Most of the guests said that the cupcake was very moist and not too sweet, just right. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to taste it cause it was almost wipe off even before the party started! Everybody likes it! Supposed to be our supplier for the cupcake was my previous supplier, the one that I had in Cyler’s Christening, but one week before the event she backed out due to personal matter, which is totally understandable. Even though she wasn’t able to accommodate our order, she still allowed us to borrow her cupcake tower, how nice,right?! Another good thing was my cake supplier, Sweet Creations by Mums was able to accept my order for cuppies even if they only had one week prepping time. God is really good all the time! 🙂

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And of course, if there’s upside there is also a downside. Last March, I saw a cake-pops promo at Ensogo the price was really cheap and so I bought 4 dozens of it. After buying, I immediately called the supplier  for my reservation. The pick up date I gave them was June 2, the day before the event. Fast forward June 2, we went to the bakeshop to pick up my orders. I approached the counter and asked for my reservations then she told me that I don’t have any reservations to them. WATDA.. FUDGE! Na-highblood ang lola ninyo! Imagine, I called them twice, tapos sasabihin nila wala?! Oh common, mamon, hamon! Anyare?! My goodness! They told me to re-schedule my reservation and I said “NO” because we need that tomorrow. I told them that if they won’t make it today they need to refund my money. They are selling cake-pops but they don’t have any cake pops available on their shop, now how in the world was that? My gulay! So, they don’t have any choice but to refund my money.  Super duper EPIC FAIL! The name of the bakeshop was Ciocolato Cupcakery it is located at Hobbies of Asia Macapagal Blvd.,Pasay City. Oh well, first impression lasts they just gave a negative impression to their shop. I hope you won’t experience this epic supplier tragedy. Alright, forget about the cake pops mishaps, the party must go on no matter what happened.

Anyhoo, here’s some of the DIYs in the candy buffet:

The cast of Charlie and the Numbers

Birthday banner c/o my in-laws

Personalized name banner

Moving forward, besides from the yummy treats we also had DIYs on the candy buffet. We print all the characters of Charlie and the Numbers in a short bond paper; we cut it, glued it on a stick and poke it into the Styrofoam. We also had a birthday and name banner in the candy buffet.  And I also added some “eat me” sign in every cups and candy container. And viola! Our candy buffet was indeed very appetizing for both eyes and tummies to all our guests. I’m so happy because everybody loves the candy buffet not only the kids, but the kids at heart as well. The sweets are almost wipe off even before the party started. Good thing there’s still few more left for the late comers. Also, it feels so great with all the compliments that I received from our guests, it was priceless. Thank you so much! 🙂

Special thanks to my BIL, Kuya Francis for helping me conceptualizing this candy buffet and the party as well, to my CIL, Ate Gigi for the candies, to my CIL, Jus for all the designs layout, and to all our guest for munching the yummy treats! 🙂

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