Cyler’s Spooktacular Halloween 2014!


I know it’s kinda late but I just wanted to share our memorable Trick or Treat experience this year. This could be the last year na mag-isa pa si  Cyler sa Trick or Treat or treat kasi next year dalawa na silang kasama namin. Eggciting right?! I’m actually really excited and a bit scared about it coz I don’t know if keri namin ni Cj pag dalawa na sila. LOL! I’m really happy kasi this time Cyler appreciates this event even more since he’s older na and he’s really into chocolates nowadays. And the best part about this year’s Halloween party?! Cyler chose his own costume! It’s not DIY coz we don’t have enough time to do it (excuses! excuses!) so I  bought the ready-made costume at Toy Kingdom. And the best thing about this costume?! Cyler really liked it so much kasi fave nya si Lightning Mcqueen. 🙂 Continue reading


Cyler’s Potty Train Success!

Teaching your son how to use the potty will require time, effort and patience on your part, it also needs a lot of motivation and cooperation from your son. For me the key to potty training success is when your child is showing interest and willingness to do so. Not all kids are ready for this change, it took us months before Cyler get the hang of it. I remember the first time when I introduced Cyler to potty training he was just two years old then and it really scared him to death. He was so shocked and just cried, of course it wasn’t successful. To be very honest, it wasn’t an easy (for both me and Cyler) transition but  of course I don’t want to pressure Cyler on this part so I waited until he’s ready.


Photo grabbed from Google Images

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Stupendous Hot Saturday!

Last saturday , we went to Manila Memorial Park at Sucat Parañaque for my AIL (Aunt In Law) Nanay Linda’s 1st year death anniversary. Nanay Linda is my hubby’s fave Aunt, I remember her as a very happy person, she’s very kind and motherly. When I was pregnant with Cyler, she used to tell us that we should bring Cyler at their house gusto niya daw alagaan si Cyler, it’s sad cause she didn’t have the chance to see Cyler anymore. She passed away three weeks before Cyler was born. Anyhoo, I know that she’s happy wherever she is right now.

Moving forward, we brought Cyler with us since it was also his monthly check up. We arrived a bit late (o sige na nga ndi na a bit, late talaga kami), the mass was ended and the guest was eating already. We’re late because we was stocked up in the bumper-to-bumper traffic in Makati (sa presinto nalang daw ako mag paliwanag. Haha!). Anyhoo, it was really a hot summer day but despite of that we was able to kept ourselves cool, especially Cyler. He let everyone carry him and he was so busy entertaining everybody by his counting skills (he say one-chu-chi-poy , it’s one-two-three-four), his other pasikat skills like high-five, align (point-to-point), and by being so talkative the whole time. He didn’t mind the hot weather, which is good but kawawa, deadma lang siya kahit naliligo na siya sa pawis niya. Hay. He wanted to walk the whole time but I insisted, kasi super init talaga at ang tirik tirik ng araw that time kasi tanghaling tapat. Also, we’ve had the chance to catch up with our closest family members, since we hardly see each other due to our hectic schedules. We had a bonding time kahit sandali, I guess yan ang panalo sa lahat!

Here’s some of the photos together with the Ricafort Clan:

Together with my CIL’s

Oiliness lang ang mga peg dahil sa hotness ni haring araw! Gosh! Pero still pretty pa rin.. LOL

This is my CIL Ate Maggie , the mom behind Mommy Maggie Musing’s Blog. We are planning to have a more play date for our little ones, hopefully matuloy para masaya at bongga. 🙂

Ayaw tantanan ni Cyler ung shirt ni Tito Mike nya. Hehe

He was hypnotized by the colorful printed shirt of his Tito Mike (akala niya ata book). HeeHee

Mom-to-Mom heart talk!

We all had a great time and didn’t mind the hot summer weather. 🙂

After the family event, we went to St. Lukes Hospital at The Fort, for Cyler’s monthly check-up. We we’re scheduled at 1pm and we arrived a bit late (tunay na ‘to di kami masyadong late, slight lang talaga. Hehe), cause we left Parañaque at 12:30pm. While waiting for our turn, we went to the Lobby to meet our friend Michelle, they just finished they’re appointment with Dra. I recommended Dra.Vienne to her and I think she really likes Dra. Vienne for her bebe. So far, I didn’t hear any negative feedback from her about Dockie. Btw, If you’re looking for a pediatrician for your bebe, I highly recommend Dra. Vienne to all the Mom’s out there, you know why? Because she’s very hands on to all her patients, very professional, easy to talk with, very accommodating, and kind as well. She answer’s every questions I ask her, even through text and she always give me good parenting advices. You may check her info and sched in this blog post.

This is our friend Mich and her baby Elric.

Cyler, who’s bad smell?

The proud parents 🙂

The rest of the gang.

Anyhoo, we was attended by Dra. Vienne at exactly 2pm. Good thing, we didn’t wait that long. Doc said that Cyler is now ready for table food (Yey!), she also mentioned that we should avoid giving him salty and oily food. Cyler had a varicella (chicken pox) vaccine, Dockie said that this vaccine will protect him from this common childhood disease and its potential serious complications, such as bacterial skin infection. She mentioned that chicken pox is extremely contagious, it spreads very quickly from one person to another person through air. Also, she said that this is the best time to give him the varicella vaccine cause Cyler will be expose to different people on his upcoming birthday party. She also checked Cyler’s height and weight, as well as the circumference of his head. Cyler gained 1 kilo in one and a half months, which is really good. In terms of height, Dra said that Cyler is really tall for his age, sana wag manahin ang height ni Mommy. She noticed that Cyler looks like a little boy now, that gave me goosebumps. Oh well, he’ s growing up so fast but he will always be my baby. Generally, Cyler is a well and active baby. 🙂

Here’s some photos inside the clinic:

Here’s Dra. Vienne Saulog, she’s so pretty, right?! 🙂

Thanks Doc Vienne for making Cyler a very healthy baby.

Cyler was so behave when he was checked by Dra.

After having his chicken pox vaccine, deadma lang sa injection. He was shocked, but he didn’t cry. Good job Cyler!

His fave spot at the clinic and my fave too!

I love the hanging toys inside the clinic. Super cute, diba?!

The animal print are so adorable! Me likey!

Cyler: Daddy put me down. I still wanna play!

Don’t you love the clinic’s interior?! 🙂

Walk, walk, walk all the way!

Yeah! I am now protected by chicken pox!

His monthly check up with Dra. Vienne is always a fun time for him.

More of our Stupendous Hot Saturday on my next post… 🙂

Progress Report: Cyler At Eleven Months

Last April 28, we celebrated Cyler’s 11th monthsary. I feel glad and sad at the same time, glad cause Cyler was able to accomplished so many things at this stage of his life, sad because of the fact that he is about to enter the world of Tots or Toddler soooon. I can’t imagine how time flies, it seems like a blink of an eye, as in! Last night, I’m just staring at him while he’s sleeping, and I was like grabe ang laki na ng anak ko (with matching teary eye), tapos bigla niya kong nasipa sa mukha! PAK! Sira ang moment ko! Hehe  Cyler is looking more like a little boy each day and acts like a little boy.

Anyhoo, here’s Cyler progress report :

Early Literacy/Language Development:

  • He can carry the books and turn the book pages on his own.
  • Points at picture with one finger and sometimes put books on his mouth. Hehe
  • Narrates while reading the book, sometimes he laugh at the picture.
  • Babbles with inflection
  • He can say “No” when he doesn’t want something. He shows it by simple gestures, shaking his head.


  • He likes climbing at the headboard (Sometimes, ginagawa niya kaming ladder ng Daddy niya. 😀 ).
  • Starting to walk with assistance.
  • Stands momentarily without support.
  • He can easily imitates gestures
  • Can hold his feeding bottle alone, finally!


  • He prefers veggies than fruits, he likes spinach, broccoli and squash.
  • He likes drinking more water now, before we need to force him before he drinks it.
  • He prefer to eat than to drink milk.
  • Starting to become a picky eater, but good thing he likes veggies(Wag lang sana mag-mana sa Daddy niya,hindi kumakain ng gulay, My gulay! *Tumbling*).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m very happy with all his achievements at this stage and looking forward for his more milestones. Keep it up sweetie, Mommy and Daddy is so proud of you! We love you!

My source of strength.

Cyrus Schuyler’s Christening: The Details and DIYs

Here are some of the details and DIY on Cyler’s christening.

Baptismal Invitation:

Thanks to my CIL Jus who did the layout and designs of the invitation.

Baptismal Outfit:

Grey and white polo shirt from Baby Couture

Grey bodysuits from Baby Gap and shoes from Fisher Price

Thanks Ninang Yen for the bodysuits. 🙂

My dress is from Folded&Hung and Hubby’s polo from Memo. Our motif is grey. 🙂



Cupcake Tower

The cupcake cost 50/each including the box, plus delivery charge. The design was in 3d and 2d. Sorry, I don’t have any close up shot of the cupcake designs, but it was a baby shoes and a star. We just borrowed the cupcake stand to our supplier. The name of our supplier is Joyce, she was introduced to me by a common friend. I ordered vanilla flavor, I want velvet sana kaso it’s not bagay to the color blue icing and motif.

Giveaways from Max’s Restaurant

This is included on Max’s baptismal package. The design was animals (who board on Noah’s ark). It’s super cute!


Theme: Noah’s Ark

The decorations and table centerpieces are included in the package too. Oh diba super sulit?! 🙂

Guest Book:

Notebook from Papemelroti

Letters and Design from National Bookstore

For the guest book, I bought a notebook in Papemelroti , then I put Cyler’s picture on the cover. The letter’s and designs are from National Bookstore.

Meaningful messages from his godparents.. 🙂

What’s next?! Cyler’s 1st Birthday party planning! Can’t waiit! 🙂

Cyrus Schuyler’s Christening: The Church

“Shrine of Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life” is our first choice for Cyler’s christening. We wanted the baptismal rites to be solemn and private. The church has they’re own Baptistry, so Hubby and I thinks that “Shrine of Jesus” is the perfect one for Cyler’s christening. The church doesn’t required any letter from our Parish, they just need the photocopy of birth and marriage certificate. Fee is two thousand five hundred pesos (Php 2,500) with one pair of sponsors and additional one hundred (Php100) per pair for the additional sponsors. We scheduled the baptism two-weeks prior to actual date, good thing the date and time that we wanted are still available. We scheduled it on Cyler’s 3rd month, so there’s two thing that we are celebrating on that day, his christening and his 3rd monthsary. The candles and baptismal dress are provided by the Parish, so it’s hassle-free.

“Shrine of Jesus, The Way, The Truth and the Life”

Brief Description:
Built in 1999, this is the only church in Roxas Boulevard and one of the newer places of worship in Metro Manila. It is made of wood and colored brown with gold highlights.

The Altar

I really love the structure of the church, I must say.

Btw, they only allow parents, godparents and photographer inside the Baptistry and they are very strict with this. We started thirty minutes late because the Priest was late, that’s the downside. But since the Priest was late they allowed all our guests to enter the Baptistry, now that’s the upside. The Baptismal rites went well and very solemn.

Inside the Baptistry

The Rites of Baptism:

The Baptism of the child

Pouring of the holy water on the child’s head.

The Anointing with the Chrism

The White Garment

The baptismal garment is put on the child.

The Paschal Candle

The father or godfather lights the Easter candle.

The Lords Prayer

Look, Cyler is listening attentively to Father (sorry, I forgot the name of the Priest).

The Blessing

Thanks be to God, Cyler is now a true blooded Christian.

More photos of the ceremony are posted here.

After the ceremony:

The handsome godfathers

The pretty godmothers

The godparents on they’re wackiest shot

More photos in the church are posted here.

Btw, thanks to my CIL Jus for being the official photographer on that day. 🙂

Church: Shrine of Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Reclamation Area, Pasay City

Date: August 28,2011

Time: 2:00PM

BOIKIDO: The Toy Next Door

As I promised in my previous blog post, here’s my rave reviews to Boikido Eco-Friendly Toys.

Lemme start now, I’ve always wanted to buy a wooden toys for Cyler due to the following reasons:

  • it lasts longer compare to the plastic toys
  • it is more educational
  • its non-toxic
  • its Battery free
  • And most importantly it is environmentally friendly! O diba bongga?!

First, lemme share with you my first wooden toy experienced. The first time I bought a wooden toy I get so disappointed kasi natatanggal agad ung paint and then it has sharp edges too, I find it really dangerous for Cyler. And I’m not sure kung saan gawa ung paint, I was so devastated and disappointed (my OA-ness and OC-ness began) with his first wooden toy. But that’s not the end of my wooden toys adventure, this Usi (short for Usisera) Mommy didn’t stop finding the perfect wooden toys for her bebe. We were at Trinoma Mall then when I saw these supah-dupah cute colourful wooden toys, and I found out that it was Boikido! 😛

Boikido, Eco-Friendly Toy

It was love at first sight, when I first saw Boikido (even my Hubby loves Boikido too!). I must say, it’s the toy next door! I began to love wooden toys again! Btw, Boikido is a French brand of wooden toys that is fun, educational, colourful, and environmentally friendly and are compatible to mother’s and children’s needs. They are using soy bean inks certified by ASA ( American Soybean Association), so its super safe for the kids(nawala ang OA-ness and Oc-ness ko bigla!). Soybean oil and Soy Bean protein used in this ink are a bio reducible non-toxic predominantly vegetable oil paint comprising a paint base and a colorant blend. It’s safe kahit ngatngatin at kagat-kagatin ng baby, good for Cyler who likes to bite everything and likes to put everything on his mouth. Plus,these toys will help boost baby’s brain development. They’re designs are unique and unparallel to any other products and was designed exclusively in France by a top team of designers. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s definitely worth it. I bet you should see it yourself. Definitely, this is the right toy for my little boy.

Boikido offers the following:

Cubes, Stacking, Puzzles, Role Play, and a baby?! Oops the baby is not included. Hehe

Musical Toys

Educational Eco Toys

Push & Play Wagons

Now here’s Cyler while indulging his first Boikido eco-friendly and fun learning toy.

The super kaduper excited baby!

While his daddy is assembling the table, this little boy can’t wait to play his first “Activity Table” from Boikido.

Learning while playing. 😀

Maze – develop baby’s patience

More maze, more patience! 🙂

Helps the baby to determine shapes. 🙂

Definitely, it’s the perfect toy for my little bunny, Cyler.

Cyler enjoyed his first ever Boikido, I’m pretty sure your little ones will enjoy it too! Me thinks that we will surely buy more fun learning eco-friendly toys for him.

To all the Mommies our there, what are you waiting for?! Bili na! It’s worth every penny! 🙂

BTW, Boikido are available at all Youjie&Me boutique and Rustans Dept. Store.

P.S. Take Care of the world and buy Eco-friendly Toys! -BOIKIDO


Today is Cyler’s first Easterific Sunday and we want his first Easter celebration to be special and memorable. The main reason we are celebrating the Easter is because this day Jesus Christ has risen. So we started our day by attending the mass in the morning, to give thanks and glory to the Lord. When I was a little kid, me and my Tita Nanin always celebrate the Easter Sunday in our Church. We used to have an egg hunting game after the service, that’s one of my memorable childhood experienced. I want my son Cyler to experience the same thing too. I want his first Easter Sunday to become memorable too. I know he wouldn’t appreciate it for now, but I know he will remember all the good things that we did for him when he grow up. Anyway, after the mass we went to Trinoma for the Easter event. The Easter theme for this year is “Mad Lab Science”. We came a bit late on the event, the egg painting was finished already but it’s fine I know Cyler will not appreciate it for now. There are lots of booths on the event, so we just checked all the booths.

Here’s the sched of the said event:

The Event Program

Here’s the EGGzhiting photos:

Welcome to the world of EGG’s?!

Cuteee Lil’ Chick! 🙂

In fairness, ang tindi ng spotlight dito ah! Dinugo ang kili-kili namin! 😛

The Booths:

Hobbes and Landes

Egg Painting

Toys R Us

Here’s mah ride! =p

The Riders 😀

Mom: He got this curious looks again. Oh-uh!
Cyler: Me likey! Broom! Broom!

The Walking Bebe:

Look at those happy feet. 😀

with matching sipol pa! Hehe

Daddy hurry up!:P

He really loves walking now. Good job Cyler! We’re very proud of you! 🙂

After the event, we went straight to Youjie&Me boutique. We bought BOIKIDO eco-friendly learning toys for Cyler, just like what I said on my previous blog post we want more eco-friendly toys for our little boy. Not only because we care to our son, we care to the world too. 🙂

Say yes to eco-friendly learning toys and no to plastic battery operated toys!:)

Here’s the sneak peek of BOIKIDO‘s eco-friendly learning toys:

WARNING: These toys are addictive! As in! 😀

Eco-friendly Learning Toys from BOIKIDO

Don’t you just love these colorful toys?! My goodness! @_@

Cyler: Me likey this Cart!
Mommy: Me tooo! 😀

He really likes these toys! Don’t worry Mom and Dad will buy you….one. =p

I must say, the price is right. You should see it yourself! 🙂

I’ll make a blog post about BOIKIDO very sooon! I hope hindi na 48 years mag upload that time! 😛 For now eto muna! Hihihi

BTW, here’s my kikay outfit for this day (singit lang!Hehe):

Tangerine Tees and Leggings from SM Dept. Store, Belt and Shoes from The Ramp, Body bag from NineWest

Anyhoo, let’s go back to my topic. Sorry for the singit outfit. Before we go home, we went to the family lounge to take some rest. Ayala Malls has the best family lounge, it’s cozy and clean.If you’re an A-Card or Ayala Card holder, the family lounge is for free.

It’s so cozy I’m gonna dieee! 😛

Not only cozy ang sosi too! 🙂

Play area

He immediately fell in love with the Lego.

It’s time to go home, my bebe is tired already. 🙂

Happy Easter! Celebrate the Easter like it’s your first! 🙂

We had a blast! Thank you Lord for this wonderful day! 🙂

How’s your holyweek? 🙂

Meet Cyrus Schuyler a.k.a Cyler

This month my son is already 10 months, and I’m glad that at this stage he is very active and enthusiastic in learning things. Like every family out there we also celebrate Cyler’s monthsary every month. It’s good to see him learning and growing so fast, and it makes us a proud parent. Cyler never fails to make us smile and I want to thank God for giving us the most precious gift that anyone could ever had. Oh I’m starting to weep now.. I’m such a drama queen, really! I am more iyakin than Cyler! Hehe

Btw, here’s Cyler’s milestones now:

He can say “Ma-Ma” for Mommy

And “Da-da” for Daddy

He even say “Tata” for Tita

And “A-mah” for Sama(come), his lola taught him to say Sama.

He likes throwing stuff out of the playpen.

He is so eager to learn how to walk, actually I let him practice walking everyday at the house or in our veranda.

He knows how to open the pages of his book on his own and it’s accompanied by narration (pretending he can read already). Hihi

His teeth are almost complete and molars are starting to peek out on his gums (it gives him a hard time to sleep at night, but good thing he doesn’t experience any fever).

He is starting to bite everything even Mommy and Daddy’s arms (sob.. but that’s totally fine sweetie).

Here’s Cyler’s 10th month celebration.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

P.S. Mommy and Daddy will always be here for you in every step of your life! We love you so muchooo Cyler!

Meet the Ricafort Family!

Hello Blogging world! I’m your new Kikay Mommy! Hope you enjoy reading this blog! I’m really speechless now and I don’t know where to start. Anyhoo, here’s a sneak peek of my family.

My loving husband Cj and our little bundle of Joy Cyler.

First, I would like to introduce the Ricafort family to all of you. Please join me in my journey as a newbie Mom and let us all enjoy the magical world of motherhood! Spread the word it’s kikay mommy sha! And spread the Love!