The Much Awaited Mommy Fleur’s Day!

Hello guyz! This is it, this is really is it is it! I bet many of you already know that yesterday I attended the much awaited “MOMMY FLEUR’S DAY!”. Well, obviously na flood ko ata ang feed nio sa Instagram and Twitter. Anyway, Fleur (aka Mommy Fleur) celebrated her “feur” years in blogosphere and it was such an honor to be invited and be part of this very special occasion. I think everybody knows Mommy Fleur sino pa bang hindi nakakakilala sa mudrakels na itech? Sabi nga namin sakanya, she really come this far and she deserves it. Ibang levelz kana talaga muther!

I’m happy that I met this lady behind “Mommy Fleur”, in fact she’s now one of my dear friends. Diba, Fleur?! LOL! Baka kasi imagination ko lang. HAHA! Our first meet up was last February during our playdate. We were all starstruck when we saw her for the very first time. Natural ang pagka-funny at witty niya, no wonder everybody loves her. Hindi ko lang lubusan maitindihan bakit kailangan pa nyang mag balik alindog project eh ang sexy na nya! Loka loka talaga syang tunay. Peace, Fleur! No but seriously muther, thanks for the gift of friendship and for being such an inspiration to me and to every moms out there. Like what I always tell you, Ikaw na talaga muther! 😛


Photo grabbed from Mommy Fleur

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