That’s My Tambay!

Last week, I gave Cj a task and that task is to take a lot of photos of Cyler and his playmates while they’re playing outside the house because as I’ve said I wanted to document our son’s childhood memories. Yep, that includes his activity with his playmates, hindi kumpleto ang childhood memories if without your neighbor playmates, right?! And also para pag dumating yung time na nagtanong sya about his childhood at least I have something to share with him, diba? Minsan lang pati yan dadaan sa stage na yan kaya it’s better to document those moment. 🙂


Ang That’s My Tambay ng Caloocan City! LOL!

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Cyler’s Video Of The Day: Reading 101 With Daddy

For Cyler, reading is indeed more fun with his Dad. And look how far he can read now, he’s not only reading words he is actually reading the entire sentence. Good job, Cyler! Way to go!

Can we all give Cyler and Daddy a big thumbs-up for doing a great job? Shall we? 🙂

Mcdonalds Happy Meal Box is Back!

Yay! Mcdonalds Happymeal box is totally back! Isn’t it a great thing that our child can experience the excitement and surprise that awaits them in this super cute red box?! This Happy Meal box brings so much memories of my childhood! Actually, aside from the toys one of the things that I look forward too in every happy meal is their box. It’s old school but it’s full of surprises! And it’s so iconic, isn’t it?! 🙂


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Cyler’s Writing Milestone

It’s been awhile since we talked about toddler’s developmental milestone so today allow me to share Cyler’s latest developmental progress. Last weekend, while we were playing iPad with Cyler I asked him write a letter because Mama told me that my two-year old toddler, Cyler can write a few letters already. So I told him, baby(that’s how I fondly call Cyler) can you write a letter A? And we were all surprised because he was able to write the letter A! Yes, he wrote that letter A below. Ang arte ng pagkakasulat ng A  noh?! #ManangManaHindiNgaLangSakin


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The Perks of Having A Baby Boy

When we found out that I was pregnant with Cyler, we really wanted a baby boy as my firstborn. I guess, low maintenance pag baby boy eh tipong okay lang maglaro sa dumi at magka-peklat kasi lalake naman. And aside from that andami pang perks of having a baby boy like the following:

1. You have an instant massager-slash-gym instructor (aka wrestler). May instant taga masahe at taga batak ka ng legs at paa mo. Mas feel nila yang mga ganyang games. Mas enjoy sila pag hinahagis hagis at binabaliktad baliktad mo sila. Yun ang definition nila sa excitement. The more na nahihirapan at nagkakanda pilipit sila the better for them kasi mas happy sila dun. Funny but true.


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Cyler Love For Books

As a parent, one of the best and biggest accomplishment I did for my child is introducing him to books at an early age. Back when I was a small (maliit pa rin pala ako until now btw) kid, I remember I never had the chance to experience reading books together with my parents or my siblings and as a child that’s one of my frustrations. They never buy us books and maybe that’s the reason why I never like books. I remember those times na nag-self pity ako whenever I see mother and child reading books together. I see it kasi as a good form of family bonding even when I was a young kid.


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Cyler’s Last Day at Kindermusik

Cyler’s summer class at Kindermusik was ended already (insert sad face here), but we will definitely enroll him again at KM.Their 1st semester started last Saturday, thing is we went on a beach wedding on that day so hindi na namin siya na-enroll for this month. But we are still planning to enroll him again next month, hopefully there’s still remaining slot for Cyler. Anyway, I just wanna share his last session at KM. It was filled with these three letters… F-U-N!

Here’s Cyler before the class started. He was so giddy, excited (as usual!), and filled with lotsa energy!

Their last assignment was to make a car costume for their first activity and so we decided to make a Lightning Mcqueen costume for Cyler since he’s so into cars these days. Cj made the costume, you know naman wala akong alam sa art. Teehee! He liked it… first but after a few minutes he got irritated already and he didn’t want to wear it anymore. Oh well, you know toddlers always get bored easily. Good thing this imaginary wheel saved the day! He didn’t mind wearing the costume anymore. YAY! 🙂


PS: Si Lightning Mcqueen yung costume.. di lang halata! 😛

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Decoding Toddler Behavior

Cliche as it may sound but my son, Cyler is growing up so fast! So fast that sometimes I can’t catch up anymore. Everyday he learned and discovered new things on his own and he’s getting more curious about things. He wanted to do things on his own at take note marunong ng magdabog pag pinag sasabihan namin pero nakukuha naman sa maayos na usapan, which is good. We’ll I guess that’s all part of growing up, right? They say toddler is one of the most critical stage aside from the teenage stage because this is the stage when your kids develop their character and values. Eto yung stage na naco-confuse pa sila sa emotions nila and they still don’t know how to deal with it. Kaya eto din ang most critical part for parents because it needs a lot of courage,dedication, and patience in order for you to survive. And it’s true, hindi talaga biro ang maging magulang. You will never realize the joy and hardship of being a parent until you become a parent itself.


So now these are the current behaviour that I usually encounter with my toddler and some helpful tips on how to deal with it. I’m no expert in parenting but I just wanted to share some of the things that I learned from the past 2 years of being a mom.

1. Frustrations

It occurs when the kids can’t do what they wanted to do. I remember one time sobrang na-frustrate si Cyler sa ginagawa nya and I didn’t know the reason why, he couldn’t cry out loud pero tumutulo ung luha nya and I can see in his eyes kung gano sya ka-frustrated. He wanted to tell something but he couldn’t say it and then when I approached him, ayun biglang nagwala to the highest level! That’s the only time na nakita namin syang ma-frustrate ng ganun and I didn’t know what to do. I was on panic mode too because I’m not used to it.

So I tried to calm him down and gave him a power hug and lots of kisses. Children are very aware of the way we express affection through the touch of our hand or a hug. At parati kong ginagamitan yan ng magic word ( I love you!) because that’s so powerful. Another technique was I tried to distract him by showing his favorite music (which is the alphabet song) on his iPad. Then finally he’s back to normal. Remember that distraction is a great tool for toddlers and it’s really effective. Pinky swear! Actually, I realized madali lang kalmahin ang mga bagets basta alam mo how to distract them and what makes them happy. In my case, music, books, and sometimes his favorite cartoons ang nagpapa-kalma kay Cyler. So you should know what makes your child happy, that’s our number 1 distraction weapon. And remember that even just the simple act of a reassuring hug can say “I love you” and help stop negative behavior.

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Cyler’s Current Obesession

…is the H20!


Kung pwede lang siyang maligo 10x a day para makapag lublob sa tubig, for sure he will do it! If you’re an avid reader of this blog I bet you all know how obsess is Cyler with water. Once he dip in the water were always having a hard time taking him out of the water.  I swear! Pero this obsession has good benefits naman for both of us because wala ng crayola moment para lang maligo siya kasi uunahan kapa niyang pumunta sa banyo pag narinig na nya ang magic word “bath time! shower! shower!”. If only I can show you how excited he is once we take his clothes off, ay naku daig pa ang kiti-kiti sa tuwa at likot!

That’s why when her Ninang Yhani gave this mini-pool to him on his 2nd birthday ay naku nag-uumupaw ang tuwa ng bagets sa saya! Kung before 30minutes syang naka-babad sa balde ngayon 1hour nasa banyo pag naliligo! Kulang pa! #Susmaryosep Dinaig pako! Kalurks! Look at the photo below at F na F talaga ng bagets ung mini-pool as he was trying to dip his whole body in the mini-pool. Thing is, he’s too big for this inflated pool. #EpicFail Teehee!

Cyler's 2nd Bday at MOA5And you know what’s the funny thing about his obsession with water? Sometimes when he’s drinking water in the glass he used to dip his whole mouth into the glass and pretend like his swimming in the water! Kalurks! But that’s how he loves(or should I say obsess?) the water !  I definitely have a little merman who loves to stay in the water.

Cyler's 2nd Bday at MOA4

I remember when I was a little I’m so afraid of the water, in short… I hate taking a bath! Ooopsie! TMI, I know. But don’t get me wrong most of the kids hates taking a bath too… nakakatamad kasi(Oh aminin ninyo! Oh baka talagang it’s just me?)!  Don’t worry my wisik-wisik days had already passed, masipag nakong maligo ngayon! LOL! Well, I guess this obsession is good and I hope it will last until he grow up. When the time comes na tinamad na din siyang maligo, I’ll show these photos to him at baka sakaling bumalik yung love nya sa tubig. 🙂

How about you? What’s your kids current obsession? Do they love the water too?

The Voice

Are you guys watching The Voice Philippines? Super gagaling ng mga contestant noh? Parang lahat pro! Nakaka-inspire lang parang gusto kong sumali (in my dreams, that is!) din. LOL! Oh well, I guess hangang dreams nalang yun. I bet at the back of your mind you’re saying “seriously?” now. Pero seryoso nga, as a matter of fact I joined singing contest back in highschool pero waley! Olats! From then tinapos ko na ang singing career ko, I accepted the fact that it’s not my thing. HAHAHA! So sa church nalang ako kumanta. Funny right?! But that’s how I love music!

Anyway, maybe this little man will pursue my dreams.

Watchuthink? Not satisfied?

Eto bumibirit na ang bagets dito! Teehee!

Those videos were taken from my instagram account (follow me, maybe!), I caught Cyler singing whole heartedly while watching his favorite channel, BabyTv. Isn’t it the cutest?!

Now that’s what I call… The Voice! 🙂



I wonder where did he get the “gong gong gong” lyrics at the end of the song. LOL!

Cyler’s List of Words at 23 Months

Cyler is becoming more talkative than ever! As in everrrrrr! I wonder kung kanino sya nagmana ng kadaldalan? La…la…la…. (Sabay tago). 🙂

Now he’s the one who’s teaching us some new words! Talk about baliktad ang mundo, you know! Last night while we were playing inside our room he opened his ipad and taught us some new words. Yes, baliktad na ngayon…kami na ang tinuturuan nya! NKKLK! He felt like he’s talking like a grown up. Oh my little baby, please take it easy. Easy. Easy. Okay? 🙂

Here’s Teacher Cyler, he’ll teach you his newly discovered words today….new words… at least for him. 🙂

List of Spoken Words:

• Ba-rrer (butter)
• Ca-wage (cabbage)
• Kek (cake)
• Candy
• Cawot (carrot)
• Ca-flawa (Cauliflower)
• Ce-bebe (Celery)
• Cheese
• Chewi (Cherry)
• Choc-let (Chocolate)
• Ciwanto (Cilantro)
• Coki (Coffee)
• Cookie
• Com (Corn)
• Cu-cum-ba (Cucumber)
• Egg
• Fwuts (Fruits)
• Greps (Grapes)
• Jewi (Jelly)
• As-cream (Ice cream)
• Juice

Well done, Teacher Cyler! He’s definitely the cutest Teacher everrrr! Oh well, you can’t blame me.. I’m the mother! Teehee!

Hmmmm… I wonder what’s his next lesson? 🙂

What is Real Happiness?

For me, it’s when I make funny faces in front of my toddler just to make him laugh and I don’t really care how will I look like. Baliw na kung baliw, be it. But that’s real happiness for me and my toddler.

Just like the saying goes, money can’t buy you happiness.

How about you, what’s your definition of real happiness? 🙂

Weekend with my Toddler

Hi friends, how’s your week?! Mine was really stressful, talked about you know…work. I feel like I already abandon this little place of mine. Thank God it’s weekend already! Don’t you just love weekends?! WE sooo love weekend! Kung pwde lang everyday is weekend eh noh. So while baking (yes I am currently baking now), let me just share a quick weekend recap with my toddler.

Last weekend, Cyler and I were left in the house, Cj was on a Company outing. So it’s just me and my toddler, Cyler is a very hyper-active-toddler so I had to make sure that he won’t get bored or else… probably know what’s next.

In the morning, I had an order and baked cupcakes for Christening. My BIL, Kuya Francis delivered it to our clients.

Purple and pink themed cupcakes with 3D shoes topper

Thank goodness Mama was still in the house so I was able to baked in the morning. He left the house in the afternoon and so this time kami nalang talaga ng bagets. So what did we do? We eat, sleep, play, eat, play, eat, play.

And we did lotsa photo op! My toddler is like a sponge, he absorbs everything– he imitates whatever I say or do! Even my facial expression in front of the camera.

See, he’s really my copycat. He knows now how to do silly pose in front of the camera (just like his cray-cray mom), which I find really funny. We spent our weekend with lots of laughter! He is the reason why I so love weekends. Oh how I wish it’s always weekend, pwede bang palit nalang ang weekdays at weekends?! Kung pwede lang sana noh.

Here’s a little note I made for you, sweetie.


Dearest Cyler,

You’re no longer an infant now and you want to do things on your own, my little Mr. Independent. You don’t know how much you make Mommy and Daddy happy with the littlest thing you do. You, Daddy, and God are my #1 stress reliever! You don’t know how happy I am when I’m with you, if only I could stop the time and be with you always. I will never get tired of taking good care of you, chasing you, feeding you, giving you a bath, cuddling you, brushing your teeth, and teaching you. I will always be you’re number 1 fan! I love you to the moon and back!

– Mommy



Wala ng tatalo pa kapag kasama ko ang taong pinaka-mamahal ko! 🙂

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Hello girls and boys! How’s your weekend? Mine was great, I spent it with my toddler! Cj was on a company outing last weekend so it’s just me and Cyler who’s left in the house. I super kaduper love weeekends talaga! As in! I share our home alone experience in another post. But for now lemme just share another children’s book review to start off our hot-hot-hot Monday.

Here’s another book from (our bookshelf? LOL! I know, I know such a Delamar-Level-Joke early in the morning) Top 100 Classical Children’s Book Of All Time, and it stands firmly in position 14. This book is a children’s picture book designed, illustrated and written by Eric Carle too. Remember the previous book that I posted before The Very Hungry Caterpillar? He is the author of both book. We so love Eric Carle! Cyler is so into these books nowadays. I also purchased this book at BookSale for Php85 petot only, it really is a good find, right? This book helps toddlers to associate colors and meanings to objects, I guess it really does because it helps my toddler to distinguish more objects and colors.

See he really loves the book! He can now distinguish the following:
• pitcher (teacher)
• bwown(brown) bear
• pepel(purple) cat
• byu hos (blue horse)
• byak (black) sheep
• yellow fish or sometimes he calls it
orange fish. I guess medyo confusing nga naman ang color gold in the eyes of toddler (gold fish)
• chidren(children)
• wed bird (red bird)
• yeyow duck (yellow duck)
• and white dog (finally he pronounce it right!)

And there! Hooray for his new vocabulary! I’m so loving his buyoy(bulol) phase, it sounds so cute!!!!!

The Voice

Cyler loves to sing A LOT. I guess he got my passion to music, when I was younger I was a former member of our school and church music ministry. I love to sing in front of many people… but that was before… ngayon kasi hanggang banyo nalang ako kumakanta.

Anyhoo, Cyler’s current favorite song is “Sit Down”. I sang this song to him last Saturday and to my surprise he immediately memorized the song. He get the rhythm right although he has his own lyrics(as usual) but I still find it cute though! I guess I’m having a singer/composer son in the future! LOL!

Here’s his own version of “Sit Down”, medyo remix nga lang. Haha!

For better understanding, here’s the translation of his own lyrics:
Sit down, Sit Down
Sit down, sit down
Sit down, sit down
Is a bo-boat(you’re rocking the boat)
Owkeeeeiiiiiiiiiii! (This is the birit part)

Kailangan talaga bumirit sa dulo pang finale para PAK na PAK!

Anyare anak? Bakit biglang naging Josh Groban sa dulo? Ay remix nga pala. Churi! Churi! :p

P. S.
Mars, mukang pwdeng mag duet si Cyler at Liapot. Watchuthink?! 🙂

Learning the Art of Trantums

Cyler is not a cry baby, he rarely cry and when he does it’s for the strangest reason. I can still remember the day when he was born, he didn’t cry at all. The pedia and other nurse’s inside the operating room tried to make him cry but he didn’t, oh he cried just a little and that’s it! We always have a quiet and peaceful night with him because he never cry, although we still suffer from those sleepless night. Cj and I feel grateful because we never experience those hundred decibels shriek from our baby. So when he cries we just let him cry because it seldom happens and besides it’s good for his lungs too.

Until one day, our toddler discovered the art of tantrums. I know he’s about to enter the terrible two’s but hey does it really have to be like that? I mean those tantrums, is it really a part of growing up just like the saying goes? Yes, I think so because it’s happening now and then. I am actually not prepared, at first I really don’t know how to handle it because I’m not used to those drama, for 18 months of not experiencing it do you think I’m ready?! Of course I must, that’s part of motherhood! But I must admit that I am having a hard time dealing with it although it seldom happens. It only happens when he’s really tired and he couldn’t sleep or when someone borrows his toy.

Last night when I was asking(surfing) my very reliable source namely Mr. Google I’ve read at some random parenting site that we(parents) should always calm down(even if it’s hard) when times are stressful so that your toddler will do the same. This one really works for us because every time he throw tantrums I let him cry to his heart’s content and when he’s done crying I always say “sorry, sweetie” then I kiss and hug him after, the best part of it– he used to say sorry too. I guess that’s the best part of our drama. Sometimes we just have to weather the storm until he calm down. And when we couldn’t stop him from wailing we let him play his iPad or sing a song to distract him and viola! He’s back to his normal self. I guess tantrums is their way of showing their emotion to us so let us respect their feelings. As much as possible, we avoid harsh discipline– like shouting especially saying “No” because it only make tantrums worse. Cyler hates the word “No”, he really hates it! When he hear that word he automatically sit on the floor and started wailing. That’s why as much as possible we try to avoid that word.

We’re still on the process of teaching him the value of sharing. He still cries when someone borrows his toy especially his iPad. But we keep on telling him that it’s good to share things with other kids. Maybe for now he couldn’t understand those things but I do believe that sooner or later he’ll get the hang of it. Just one baby step at a time. These things are really new to me and I believe that I’m just learning the art of tantrums too. I know I’m not alone in this journey because every child throw tantrums at some point. Agree mommies?

How about you? How do you handle this kind of situation? Any parenting advice, Mommies and Daddies?

Toddler’s Speech and Developmental Milestones

Our favorite pedia, Dra. Vienne Saulog says that Cyler has a good and bright memory considering that he’s not even two years old. At this point of his life he already knew so many things like numbers (he can count now from 1-30!),human body parts, alphabets, objects, and animal sounds. He can now construct two to three words like “open the door” although he’s still on bulol phase. And his still sociable just like before, wag mo nga lang patatawanin kasi mabibigo ka lang. He rarely smile to strangers although sumasama naman siya. Madali nga daw makidnap especially when he hears the magic word “bye!” because he loves going outside the house. Kung may Dora the Explorer, si Cyler ata ung nawawalang kapatid nya. LOL! Certified lakwatsero ang bagets! Oh well kanino pa ba magmamana? Hihi We told Docky that Cyler is musically inclined too. We always hear him singing or humming even without the music. Doc Vienne didn’t require Cyler to go on a toddler school since he’s developmental milestones are really fast. But she suggested that if we want Cyler to develop more his music skills then we can enroll him to a toddler music class when he reach two. So we are planning to enroll him in either Gymboree or Kindermusic maybe after his 2nd Birthday, we are still undecided though. Both toddler school are really really good (based on my fellow moms review) that’s why it’s kinda hard for us to decide. But we’ll see.

Who knew that something so simple could be so much fun for the little ones? My little Mr. Curious guy get so amazed and giddy everytime he hears the sounds of the animals. Last month, he learned how to mimic the sounds of the animals. His favorite among all the animal sounds? The growling sound of the Bear– RAWR!

Doc Vienne kept on telling to us that we are on the right track because despite of our hectic schedule still we we’re able to teach our toddler. Well technically, it’s not only us who taught him those things. Like the alphabets he learned that from watching Brainy Baby, he learned counting from watching Charlie and the Numbers, he learned the animal sounds from a particular app which I don’t remember the name already, BUT we constantly teaching him how to say those words over and over again until he get it right. See it’s not only us who influence’s our child, TV and gadgets can really influence your child too. Nowadays, modern technology becomes your parenting partner (agree mommies?), whether we like it or not, children of today are going to be involved with technology. Gadget aims to help entertain our toddlers especially while you’re doing household chores or work, and it also helps your child’s developmental milestones but I’m not saying that Television and gadgets are a good source of learning, still everything has to be on moderation. Too much use of gadgets can isolate your child from the real world. I’m no expert in parenting but I’m saying this based on my own and real experience. I bet every parents can relate to me.

Our pedia always tell us that the more we talk to our child, the more they learn. So for those mommies who keep on asking me what’s secret and how did my toddler learn those things? My answer– constant communication with your child is the number one key to your childs milestones. And also make learning a fun time for your toddler. So make it a habit, talk to your child even though he/she is not yet talking. Just say anything and be constant, you’ll be surprise one day your baby is mimicking what you’re saying. Remember, parents are the first and most enduring educators of their children. 🙂

He Painted The Town Red!

You know you have a very curious toddler when suddenly everything turns into red.. when I say red it literally means color red.

Last week, when we we’re sleeping we didn’t notice that our little mr. curious sneak out of the bed and played Mommy’s bag (without Mommy’s consent). So he removed and played all the things on Mommy’s bag until he found this color red lipstick, which he thinks a color and he started coloring the following:

Pillow- check!

Daddy’s longsleeve- check na check!

Floor and puzzle mats- check!

Daddy’s “fenk” Blanket- check!

But wait there’s more!

He even colored himself! As in from head to toe! Even his jammies was full of red lipstick! My gulay, anak?! How in the world is that?! Oh well, I guess you are just being so curious to everything. I was so shocked when I saw him that night that I even forgot to take any photos of him with full of lipstick all over his body! Maiisip ko pa ba yun?! Kalerks! It was too late when I realized that I should capture that moment. Sayang! Eh kasi naman it happened around 2AM, so bangagers pa ang lola ninyo that time! Ang gandang pang blackmail pa naman sana nung picture na yun pag binata na sya. Haha! I know, I’m such a bad Momma! I don’t know but Cj and I thinks that Cyler looks so cute with those red lippy all over his body. And take note proud pa ang bagets sa ginawa nya, he kept on saying ” Daddy, look ish(it’s) red, ish(it’s) red!”

Lesson learned: I’ll say this again for the nth time, never leave your toddler unattended… even when you’re sleeping! Zzzzzzz…

Goodnight, everyone!

The Cha-Cha Fevah!

Are you familiar with the song Cha-Cha Dabarkads by Eat Bulaga? If you’re a certified Dabarkads, I bet you are! This song is phenomal here in the Philippines, it’s like Gangnam Style you can here it everywhere! People go gaga over this song especially the kids! It’s crazy, I tell yah! Even my family love this dance song! It is the latest dance craze here in our country and would you believe that this song was popularized by just a little kid? Yes it’s true, believe it or not this song was popularized by the uber-cute-chubby-cheek little girl named Ryzza. She’s the cutest when she dance! And she’s so adorable and smart! If you’re not familiar with her you better watch her video’s on youtube to find out what I’m saying, google it now!

And just today I realized that my little mister is now a certified member of Cha-Cha Dabarkads.

Lo and behold here’s Cyler’s video while dancing to the tune of Cha-Cha! (Pardon our messy little room. Hehe)

Are you ready to do the Cha-Cha?! Alright, let’s do the Cha-cha baby!

You think he can dance?!

Happy Cha-Cha Friday, everyone! 🙂