A Weekend Story #4 + Crazy Weekday


Hi everyone! How’s your week so far?! Mine is horrible…this week was a crazy week for me! As in nakaka-windang to the highest level! It’s insane! Ang daming NKKLK na mga revelation sa office today. Kung pwede ko lang i-chika sa inio. Hayayay! For sure maloloka din kayo! Anyway, para makalimutan ko ang problema (for the mean time) let me share something good muna para pangpa-good vibes. If you’re an avid reader of this blog I bet you know that weekends are the happiest days of my life.

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Timezone: Our Newest Happy Place!


I remember back when I was a small child going to an arcade was a luxury for me and my siblings kasi I used to lived in Antipolo way back then so by that time wala pang Mall na malapit samin not to mention na super bundok pa ang Antipolo before. Unlike today kulang nalang kada kanto tayuan na ng mall. Bundok pa rin naman ang Antipolo ngayon but it’s more civilized and super dami ng establishments.

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DC and Res|Toe|Run First Action-Inspired Kids Event: The Rumble Yard

Hello everyone! How’s your weekend?! Me and my boys had a blast last Saturday because we’ve attended the Rumble Yard event at Nuvali. It’s a kind of event that we shouldn’t miss because it’s for the entire family. You know that my weekends are just for my boys so when the Primer Group sent their invites last week, I didn’t think twice and I accepted it especially when I’ve heard that this event are meant for kids.


Skateboarding and action sports brand DC Shoes, together with one of the country’s leading footwear concept stores, Res|Toe|Run, team up for a first-ever action-inspired urban fair for kids, the Rumble Yard. And it was held at the Solenad 2 Activity Center in Nuvali last weekend, December 7-8. There’s no entrance free needed at this event and everyone were invited to come and join. Continue reading

Cyler’s Trip at Museo Pambata

Howdy! As promise, here’s my post about our impromptu tour at Museong Pambata last Sunday. Cyler had a blast discovering and exploring this wonderful place. And glad to say that our buchukoy (aka Cyler) can already recognize most of the things/objects that we saw inside the museum, well except those old ones like the typewriter and abacus. But the old ones are the one that he really liked the most in the museum. Talk about nerd stuff you know. Oh he’s indeed a baby no more, right?!

Btw, Museo Pambata (Children’s Museum) is the Philippines first and only hands on discovery museum for children. And it is located at Ermita, Manila and it’s just beside the US embassy along Roxas Blvd.

Alright, I’ll stop talking now and let the photos do the talking instead. 🙂


Mga batang isip at Museong Pambata. 😛

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It’s Was A Busy And Lovely Weekend!

Hello there…… Bimby! Chos! How are you guys?! I’m on sick-leave today due to diarrhea….Oops TMI! Just being honest with you guys. Teehee! Effect ata ng diarrhea ang kabaliwan, so I therefore conclude parati akong may diarrhea. LOL! But despite of being sick I went to divi today! Nyahahaha! Thanks to loperamide! LOL! I’ll share my divi loots soon. So watch out for that! 😛

Anyway, moving on how’s your weekend guys?! Mine was kinda hectic because we were out the entire weekend. It was indeed tiring but full of fun because I spent it with this little boy whom I fondly called, butchukoy. 🙂


Hello there…. Bimby! LOL!

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Monday Kwentuhan + Long Weekend Story

Hallow! Hallow! I’m back from our short staycation at my Hometown. Me and my family  had so much fun that I totally forgot this little space of mine. Sorry, my bad! Don’t worry because those days that I’m gone here in my blog are the days that I really treasured the most. It’s not that this blog is not important to me, in fact it is! It really is! It’s just so happened that I’m spending those days with the most important people in my life– with my family of course! Kaya “do not disturb” lang ang peg ko for the past four days. Sinusulit ko ng bonggang bongga ang long weekend with Cyler, Cj, and with my family and relatives. I’ve been posting a lot of photos in my IG account though, so if you’re following me there for sure alam ninyo na ang mga happenings sa buhay ko. 🙂


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A Long Weekend That Was

Howdy, girls and boys! How’s your long weekend? Mine was incredibly fun and fulfilling! You know why? Because during these days I can really test my ability to multi-task. Taking good care of the family while doing the household chores and some errands. I guess that’s the super powers of all Moms, and Dads as well. And you will only realize these things once you became a Mom or Dad. Sometimes, I ponder how can we do so many things at the same time. People would always tell me that I’m really good at time management but I can’t believe that I’m actually good at it. Feeling ko parating kulang ang oras ko. Parating naghahabol and all. Yung mga ganung tipo.

Anyway, so what kept me busy during the long weekend? Well, the first reason was baking this personalized cute hello kitty cupcakes!


Isn’t it the cutest? 🙂

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Happy Weekend + BitterSweet Monday

Hello guys! I feel a bit sad today…. sad yet excited. I’m flying in tomorrow for a business trip, ang corny no time to gala puro work lang. Plus having the thought na malalayo ako kay Cj and Cyler for a few days makes the trip more sadder. Hay. But I just think of the bright side. More career opportunity and career growth, right? Pero aanhin ko naman yun kung malayo ako sa pamilya ko. 4 days lang naman ako mawawala pero that four days feels like forever pag malayo ka sa pamilya mo especially if you have kids. I’m so gonna miss the batang makulit and my uber corny husband! I don’t know how I will survive the first few nights without Cyler sleeping by my side. Usually kasi nalalayo lang ako sa mag-ama ko pag may company outing which is usually overnight lang so keribombels lang, eto 4 days! Hay kalurks!

I’m gonna miss you baby!

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Weekend Recap + More Kitchen Experiments!

Hello Tuesday and hello world! It’s a lazy kind of Tuesday for me! Why? Because I have this terrible headache since yesterday. Maybe because it’s been raining cats and dogs (and dragons and dinosaurs!) yesterday. I had a hard time getting out of the bed because of this headache especially when my toddler hug me like a big brown mama bear. It seem like I just wanna stay in our bed the whole day and smell my baby’s breath. But the sad reality is…..I have to go to work! Uggggh…. BOOO! Corny!

So last night, since I’m feeling sort of under the weather I only ate fruits for dinner.Em was asking me last night if dinner ko na talaga yan, parang pagpapanggap pero oo yan na talaga ung dinner ko. LOL! That’s my usual dinner during weekdays, mas magana akong kumain during lunch time. I don’t like eating too much during dinner time because it is more likely to be converted into fat. Unlike during daytime your active so mas mabilis ang metabolism.


Anyway, how was your weekend?!

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Weekend: It’s All About Cooking and Family Bonding!

Do you believe in the saying that “the family that eat together stay fat together”? I do! How often do you enjoy family meals together? In our case, since Cj and I are both working we usually enjoy our family meal together every weekend. In as much as we want to unfortunately we can’t do it everyday because we used to go home very late from work most of the time. That’s why I make sure that I always prepare special meals for my family every weekend or whenever I’m home. Unfortunately, the only time I have is mostly during weekends. Oh the life of a working Mom. Sabi ko nga sa inyo if and only I have all the time in world, I will surely give my 101% time to my family. Oh well the travails of a working mom. Period.

Anyway, I did a lot of cooking since we stayed in the house the entire weekend because I’m not feeling well (I still have tonsillitis!Uggh!) and since Cj had to worked on Sunday(BOO!) too. All we wanted to do was to relax the whole weekend since we had a super tiring but fun Friday already. So today, allow me to share what I cooked the last weekend. Please get your tissue or hanky and prepare yourself to drool!….Choz lang! 😛

For our brunch (yes we love to stay up late and wake up late during weekends!), I prepared fruits salad. Cyler and I are sucker of fruits! Grapes, mango, mandarin orange, peaches, and kiwi are our favorites! Any fruits paired with cream or yogurt are perfect combo! It’s heaven and healthy too!


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Weekend Recap: It’s All About Food Trippin’!

Hello everyone! How’s your weekend? I hope everyone’s having a real good time! 🙂

Anyway, before anything else I would like to share this good news to all of you! Cyler feels better now! YAY! That’s the most wonderful part of our weekend. The fever was gone although the cough is still there but it’s not as bad as yesterday. He was able to sleep soundly last night, in fact he woke up at 12pm-ish today which is good because he was able to gain more energy. When we brought him to Doc Vienne’s clinic yesterday his fever reached 40 degrees already, I know that’s pretty high. So she immediately gave meds to Cyler. For high fever she recommended Dolan. Also, Doc Vienne checked Cyler’s tonsil and ears, thank God it’s negative from any infections. The culprit of his fever was his cough. So she also recommended antibiotic for Cyler. She said that his fever and cough must subside within two-three days, or else Cyler must undergo a blood test. Thank heaven Cyler feels so much better now. Docky said that there is also a possibility that rashes will come out once the fever subsided, so far there are no signs of rashes to Cyler. Hopefully, magtuloy-tuloy na ung pag galing nya. His appetite is back to normal as well as his milk intake. That’s why I’m so thankful Lord! Truly, God is good all the time! And also thank you for all the prayers, we will never overcome this situation without your prayers. So from the bottom of my grateful heart, thank you so much. Iba talaga ang power ng prayers! Walang katulad!

Here is Cyler back to his old self– playful and energetic!


And since Cyler’s appetite is back I cooked veggie soup for him. The soup is made up of sayote and carrots. Of all the veggies why sayote and carrots? Because that’s one the softest veggies that he can swallow immediately. Ayoko namang biglain yung tummy nya kakagaling pa lang sa sakit eh. Surprisingly, he was able to finish his food in no time. 🙂


I also cooked scrambled eggs (with broccoli, basil, and cheese) and buttered baby potatoes for our brunch. Cyler is not a big fan of potatoes but he loves my buttered baby potatoes so much. YAY! He thought it was a french fries since it’s a potato too. 😛


I’ll make a separate post for the recipe of the scrambled egg and buttered baby potatoes. 🙂

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Baking + A Weekend Trip in My Hometown

It’s been awhile since I went home to Antipolo, my hometown. The last time we’ve been here was when my Tito died (sigh) last month. And it feels so good to be back! Sobra! I feel rejuvenated. I so love my hometown and I had so many great memories in this place because I’ve been here since the day I was born, the only time I left my hometown was when I got married to Cj. You know if I will be given a chance to live again, I will still choose to live here in Antipolo. This place is such a wonderful place to be most especially when I want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the metro.

And since I miss my family so much we decided to pay a visit to my hometown last weekend. The weather wasn’t good when we reached Sumulong Hi-way and the road was zero visibility already! But don’t worry, we’re all good and we have arrived home safely. 🙂


Oh before we headed to Antipolo we dropped by at Robinson’s metro east in Cainta to delivered these cupcakes to the winner of TSN‘s giveaway. The name of the winner is Diane and glad to know that she liked the cupcakes! Yay! As a matter of fact, she wrote a sweet post on her blog(yes, she’s a blogger too! Small world right?) for Sweet Treats you can read it here. Thanks a lot, Diane and nice meeting you! 🙂


After delivering the cupcakes off we went to Antipolo! Weeeee! 🙂

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It’s A Happy Weekend!

Weekends are so precious for me and my family. Super! And I bet y’all know that! Just having the thought of spending time with my two boys, Cyler and Cj really excites me all the time! Kaya ganun nalang ang tuwa ko when Friday comes.

Two weeks ago, we went to Doc Vienne’s clinic for Cyler’s monthly check up. Docky gave him a shot and happy to say that he didn’t cry again. But I think he already knew that he will have a vaccine shot once we enter the clinic because he became more clingy and he didn’t want to be touched by Dra.Vienne. Oh I guess he’s indeed a baby no more. He already knew what’s gonna happen next. Pero hindi pa naman kami umaabot sa point na nagwawala sya to the max and I hope hindi na kami umabot dun. Thank God for that!

And look at Cyler here, he looks so much like a big boy now. I can’t imagine how time flies! He wore gingersnap clothes here. I so love gingersnap for Cyler. And we’re a gingersnap lover ever since he was born.


And of course, here’s what I wore naman that day. Neon orange tube dress from Terranova. I purchased this along with the other dresses that I wore in our previous outing (read it here and here). And I got this dress for Php195 only. 🙂


After the check-up, off we went to Greenbelt to attend the mass. Before attending the mass, we ate at KFC for merienda. Cyler ate spaghetti, fries, and chicken! Oh he loves spaghetti so much!

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Weekend Recap and Weekdays Rant

How come it’s weekdays again? Pwede bang magpalit nalang ang weekend at weekdays? Kahit one month lang, pleaseeee!

Anyway, last weekend I’ve had the time of my life with my family and today it’s back to reality again. Hay. It’s not that I’m complaining or what, don’t get me wrong, I love my job and I feel blessed and grateful because I have a stable job and income…it’s just that I always feel guilty whenever I go to work and leave my darling Cyler at home. Parating may kurot (ng very very slight!) sa damdamin eh, right mommies? I miss my son so badly, I wish I can be with him 24 hours 7 days a week!

Anyway, forget about the loneliness and guilty-ness let’s move on to the brighter side.

Last Friday night, I went to Glorietta for the midnight sale madness (that sent chills to my spine!) and when I saw Fluer’s post in Instagram I immediately asked her if we can meet there and she said yes! And so we met in the middle of chaos! Andaming tao sa mall at that time, oh well what do I expect? Midnight sale yun daba? Sabi ko nga eh! 😛

Me, Neva of ManilaMommy, and the mother of all mother’s, Mommy Fleur!

That is Neva of Manila Mommy and Fluer of Mommy Fleur, I bet you already know these two ladies. Naman! They already made THE name in Blogosphere and they’re one of the most famous mom blogger’s here in our country. As a matter of fact, I’m one of their avid reader’s too! These two fab momma’s are my bloggers peg! I’m just their avid reader before and now I can’t believe that we were already friends (please tell me if I’m just dreaming lang ah! Hehe). These two ladies are super kwela and down to earth. They’re very friendly too, as in! I didn’t expect na ganun din pala ka-kwela si Neva. She looks so serious kasi with her post. Anyhoo, t’was nice meeting you in person, Neva and t’was nice seeing you again, Mutherness! Looking forward on seeing you ladies again! Let’s push the playdate ah! 🙂

On Saturday morning, we went to St. Lukes, The Fort for Cyler’s check up with Dra. Vienne.

I took this photo when Cyler was crying. I found it too cute when I saw him crying because he seldom cries and when he do it’s for the strangest reason. I forgot what’s the reason why he cried in this photo pero basta I like his kawawa face, it’s so cute! Isn’t it?

Oh it’s crying time again…

And look at this photo, we were on our way to the hospital here. Cyler look like a big boy here already. Were like siblings noh? Hay. Time flies really fast. Hindi nako magtataka kung pati height ko maabutan na rin nya. *sniff sniff*

When we arrived at the clinic Cyler excitedly went to his favorite spot at Doc Vienne’s clinic. He was given a vaccine shot then and he didn’t cry at all. Watta brave little guy says Doc Vienne.

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Saturday Malling With My Boys

Our Saturday started with chasing and running, and we love it! Daddy left the house in the morning for his Basketball Tournament, so it’s just me and my toddler again.Cyler ate pancake, mangoes, and banana for breakfast. After feeding him, I gave him a bath. In this usual routine, Cyler’s favorite part is taking a bath. He used to say “Shower! Shower!” while we were in the shower! And he loves soaking in the pail full of water. He loves water so much that is why I am having a hard time getting him out of the bathroom, once he dip into the water he doesn’t want to go out anymore!

Goofing around while eating! Mommy’s bad! churi! Churi! 😛

Finally, after many attempts to get him out, he finally gave in to Mommy. Sa wakas nauto ko din! What’s the trick?! Well, I showed his favorite toy car to him. Hehe While waiting for Daddy, we tried playing this “ga-la-sses” (that’s how he pronounce glasses). He used to call eye and sun glasses as glasses. He enjoyed wearing it but after a few minutes he gets bored wearing it. Oh well what do I expect from a toddler? Hehe

In the afternoon, after his Daddy came back from his Basketball Tournament, off we went to the nearest mall in our place, SM San Lazaro. Tamang pasyal lang ng bagets.

Strolling kung strolling ang bagets!

When we passed by at the movie house, Cyer was mesmerized by the moving led lights. He got really curious and stood (and stare!) in front of it for about 15minutes. He was so curious and was so giddy everytime he see the led lights moving. He was jumping and giggling the entire time. He looks so cute while watching the lights moving and he used to follow the direction of the lights. Silly and curious little boy, that is.

After watching the magnificent light show (for Cyler), we went at the arcade and we allowed our little boy to ride in the toy car and he enjoyed it A LOT! Well, it’s not a surprise because one of his current obsession is the car. This place is the best place for my two boys.

Too Fast, too Curious!

Broom! Broom!!

We went to Booksale (our favorite place!), we stayed there for about thirty minutes and I was able to purchased four books..only. Sob. These are some of our book loots, Where Are Baby’s Easter Eggs by Karen Katz and Because You Are My Baby by Henry North. I’ll make another post for the book. These two books are my favorite!

After that, we went at the supermarket to buy some diapers and food for Cyler. I’m so happy because finally Cyler appreciates yoghurt, Dutch Mill yoghurt drink that is. I guess he is no longer a picky eater! Woohooo! And because of that we gave him reward– lotsa hugs and kisses from Mommy and Daddy! YEAH! 🙂

And there, that’s how my Saturday goes with my boys. Simple, cool, chillaxin’, and fun filled Saturday. 🙂


Sunday Recap

Weekend, weekend, weekend why I love you so? How come Monday is so close to Sunday yet so far from Saturday?! Can somebody explain why? Weekend is so precious for us, especially for us working parents because that’s the only time where we can spend our whole day with our child. The feeling is weird when it’s weekend it feels like I’m always celebrating my 1st Birthday! The excitement, giddiness, and happiness is different– in short wagas ang feeling pag weekend! Siksik, liglig, at umaapaw ang kaligayahan!

We love staying at home every Sunday, it’s the time when we do our household chores and just bum around the whole day! We love waking up late on weekends too (we’re not a morning peepz you know) and we love staying in our tiny little room and just play there the entire day. Last Sunday was quite different though. While my toddler is still sleeping, I took the chance to prepare his brekky (even though I’m still sleepy). I cooked pancakes in the morning and he liked it! He kept on saying “yum!” while he’s eating. Oh those precious words from my picky eater I seldom hear that! I bet he really liked it. Yay! 🙂

Come afternoon, off we went to S&R, The Fort together with my in-laws. I can’t remember when was the last time we went out together (that was ages ago I think). Our toddler was really happy to be with his Lola and Lolo as well his Tito Francis and Tita Ninang. We went to S&R, The Fort since they’re on sale. We actually don’t have any plans on going there because I don’t want to waste my time falling in line just to get buy1 take1 and great discounts, of course I’m kidding who doesn’t like buy1 take1 and great discounts?! My gulay! That sent chills to my spine! It’s my SIL who requested for it, so gorabels na din kami! Sale eh! Sayang! Choosy pa ba kami?! LOL!

Here’s our little driver who kept on shouting the whole ride!He kept on saying bee-bee(beep-beep) and stop while riding in the push cart! He’s shouting not because of tantrums but because he felt like he’s driving a real car. Pero kalmado na siya that time, napagod eh!

Don’t you just love Nutella?! OH-EM-GEEEE! And look at the price!

Almost everything was on sale and buy1 take1 (kaya nga sale eh!), well some products are not especially diapers. SOB. We made sure that we purchased everything we need especially ung mga naka-wholesale… talked about you know… hoarding. Nabuhay nanaman ang natutulog kong shoppingerang kaluluwa! Kaloka!

Lumaglag ang panga namin (literally) nung bayaran na, guess how much our bill…5k? Nope! 6k? Nope! 7k or 8k?! Definitely…not! Oh siya siret na… it’s 11,000++ pesosesoses! My goodness! I guess good for six months or more na yung pinamili namin. Akala ko pang bahay lang bibilhin namin, hindi naman nila ko sinabihan na magtatayo na kami ng sari-sari store agad agad! My gosh! Wala ng bilihan uli ‘to. PROMISE! PEKSMAN! Itaga natin yan…uhmmmm…sa papel?! Tapos punitin natin ung papel! LOL!

After paying the bill I bought some ice-cream…. pangpa-kalma! Hingang malalim! Wew!

White caramel chuvaness flavored ice-cream, it cost Php69 petot only. Pwde na pang-kalma. Hehe

Did I mention that this is so delish?! It is! The white caramel really goes well with the chocolate bits. The chocolate taste exactly like reese, my favorite! O baka naman reese nga sya?! Not sure wala nako sa ulirat nyan eh. Haha! Oh basta yummy sya! I swear! Try it!

New kicks on the block!

Look at Cyler’s new kicks! It absolutely rocks! I so love it! Pwede ko na nga actually hiramin sakanya muka namang magka-size lang kami ng paa ng anak ko. 🙂

After that wala-na-bang-bukas shopping, Cyler played and enjoyed the little grasses at the sidewalk. I told yah, he really loves nature!

He kept on saying “Mommy, gwin (green) grass!”. No, sweetie it’s yellow. Chos! After hoarding, off we went home. Wala ng datung! Chos! Nag drive-thru nalang kami after since it’s getting dark already.

These are some of our grocery shopping, I know puro pampabata! Hehe

Here’s me and my son off to Zzzzz land.

We we’re about to sleep when hubs entered the room and suddenly Cyler got so giddy and..

…they started playing the iPad. Akala ko it’s bedtime na…anyare?

And there, that’s how our weekend goes! Sana weekend na ulit! 🙂

What’s Up?! What’s up?!

Hi guys! How’s your weekend?! Hope you had a great one! I haven’t posted anything since my last post (that was four days ago), so I would like to give you a quick update with me and my family. We had a very tiring but tremendously wonderful weekend! We went to our dear friend’s house blessing last Saturday at Cavite and yesterday we just stayed at home. Our trip to Cavite last Saturday was really great, we we’re able to catched up with Cj’s former office mates, it was like a mini-reunion because it’s been a long time since we saw each other. Cyler gained more friends, and you know what’s funny? All kids called him baby because he is the youngest kid there. I’ll make a different post about that because it deserves to be remember, for the mean time here’s the photos that I posted in IG. If you’re following me on IG I’m pretty sure you know where am I and what I’m doing that day. Hehe

Cam whoring while on our way to Cavite!

Pati table cloth walang ligtas! Hehe

Spell F-U-N!

Family picture, of course! Kailangan anak nakahatak sa bling-bling ni Mommy?!

Playing with the other kids! Puro girls nga lang! Teehee!

Yesterday, I’ve done a lot of cooking and had a non-stop playtime with Cyler. Eat, sleep, and play– that’s what we did yesterday. I’m too busy with my toddler that’s why I wasn’t able to make a blog post. It was really tiring but self fulfilling, yes indeed. And you know what makes me really happy? I made two dishes yesterday, one Filipino cuisine and the other one is Mexican cuisine (naks! Parang tunay!). This dish is so easy to cook and to prepare, di man lang ako pinagpawisan ng konti… pawis na pawis na pawis lang! LOL! Here’s the photos that I posted in IG yesterday, don’t worry I’ll make a different post for the recipe, so watch out for that!

Cyler wore his jumper for the very first time! And I found it really cute! This jumper was a birthday gift to him, I almost forgot that he had this jumper buti nalang talaga I saw it bago pa nya mapag liitan, sayang naman. Daba?

Cheese quesadilla in the house! Marimar..aw!

Finaly I was able to cook gising gising! It was a semi-fail gising gising though. You know why?… Just wait for my post about this dish! Hahaha!

Ok kaba tyan? Everyday OK!

So there you go, this is just a glimpse of our weekend! I’ve got so many things to share but so little time to blog out. If I only have all the time in the world! But I’ll try to do it tonight… so help me God. And oh btw, I’m sooo excited and looking forward for the long weekend (because we have an out of town trip together with our friends) and for Cyler’s first ever trick or treat this coming Thursday at his Daddy’s office!!!!! Gosh! I’m so eggcited for him and I just can’t hide it! I wish it’s Thursday already. Hehe

How about you? What did you do last weekend? Share it with me, I’m glad to hear from you!

And oh don’t forget to start your day with a prayer! Have a blessed and happy weekdays everyone! 🙂