KMS 2nd Blogversary and Birthday Giveaway Winners!!!!

This is it guys! This is really is it is it! Are you excited to know who are the winners?!!! Me toooo! Chos!

Before anything else let me hear you say– Wooohooo!!!


Alright, so here are the list of the winners! Congratulations to the following:

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Port 88: Ready, Set, Sale! Winners

Good morning everyone! Happy Friday! Today, I will reveal the 10 lucky KMS Readers that won the free entrance tickets at the Port 88: Ready, Set, Sale! Bazaar happening tomorrow, December 7 until Sunday December 8 at the new Megatent Events Place at Libis. So are you guys ready to do your Christmas shopping?!

If you’re ready just click continue to see the 10 Lucky KMS Readers that won the free entrance tickets! Woot! Woot!
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And the winners are….

I know you’ve been waiting for this day! Ako din! So this is it! Before I announce the winners let’s make a little chika muna about the giveaway. At first I really thought that only a few people (like 20 people?) will join the giveaway and I was surprised because I’ve got 1027 entries which is surprising by the way. And my post about the giveaway got the most number of comments, I’ve got a total of 56 comments! WOW! But I also hope that you leave comment in my other post too (even if it’s not a giveaway) because I want and would love to hear your thoughts always. This giveaway is actually for my loyal readers who spend their precious time visiting and reading my post everyday. I just want to encourage everybody to take time to leave comments so I can hear out your voices too because I love and I get so inspired every time I read comments from my beloved readers. So there just so you know. 🙂

Anyway, I don’t want to thrill you to death so here it is! Eto na talaga hindi ko na patatagalin pa…

Here are the winners!

Drumroll please!

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